Indian Snacks Rejected By US FDA Will Leave You Shocked


Indian Snacks Rejected By US FDA

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Maggi made headlines in the recent weeks and the matter has not yet been put to rest. Now even Ching’s secret instant noodles are under the scanner and we don’t know about the fate of that brand! Know more about the matter here!

High Dose Of MSG,Lead In Maggi 2015 India

However, long before Indian health regulators knocked out Maggi from the supermarket shelves, U.S. FDA has rejected several made-in-India snacks. In fact they were rendered unfit for sale in America. Read on to find out more!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website shows that it has rejected a majority of snack imports from India when compared to other countries in the initial 5 months of 2015. In fact, almost half of the snacks that were tested and blocked from sale in the US this year were from India. India has topped this time and also last year in snack rejects. Mexico came second in snack rejections.

Now, the question is why did the Indian snacks fail the FDA tests?


Well, the reasons vary from issues with labeling and packaging to alleged contamination. The FDA authorities say through their website that they have have found Indian snacks to contain high pesticide levels along with mould and salmonella.

FDA blocked the import of a particular snack from Gujarat stating that the snack was unfit to be qualified as food because it had a filthy or decomposed substance in it.

In the wake of Nestle Maggi findings, India’s national food-safety authorities are rushing to test each and everything right from soups to pasta to instant noodles that are being sold domestically. Sales of magi noodles has been blocked officially after the Food Safety and Standards Authority rendered it unsafe for human consumption.

Indian authorities have been pushed into a testing frenzy ever since there has been a concern over the safety of processed foods in India. However, the authorities say that they lack the facilities as well as man power to check the millions of products that fill the kitchen cabinets of the world’s second most populated country.

This year most of the Indian snacks that were rejected by FDA were from the famous food company Haldiram’s. The FDA stated on their website that they found pesticides in the Haldiram’s products and hence they rejected them. This is really shocking!!!

However, the authorities at Haldiram’s say that its food is 100% safe for consumption. Discrepancies have occurred because of the difference in food safety standards in India and the US. Pesticides permitted in India may not be allowed in the US or its concentration levels may not match with those in the US.

Indian baked snacks are also in trouble in the states. FDA has rejected so many baked products and one of them was a biscuit pack that was manufactured by none other than Britannia! The reason for rejection was that the products didn’t have didn’t have all the list of ingredients and nutrition information. Britannia says that the shipment was not authorized by them and this has happened as this export must have been made by independent exporters out of India.

Indian Snacks Rejected By The U.S. FDA-What do you feel about it?

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