Indian Thai Fusion Salad


Indian Thai fusion salad – a twist to your regular salad

Salads are a rage among those who want to lose weight. There are several varieties of salads to choose from and it is always pleasant to try something new. Here is an interesting salad for all the salad lovers out there!

Serving size – Serves 1 for dinner and serves 2 as an appetizer


Here is what all you will need:

1. Carrots – 1 thinly sliced/julienne
2. Cucumbers -1 thinly sliced/ julienned
3. Tomatoes -1 ripe cut into medium size wedges
4. Onion- 1 small sized thinly sliced

Indian Thai fusion salad pic 2

For dressing

To make the dressing of the salad you will need,

1. Lemon – juice of 1 small size
2. Soy sauce – 1 TSP
3. Date syrup – 1 TSP
4. Peanuts/ groundnuts – roasted and roughly crushed
5. Green chillies – 1-2 depending on your taste
6. Garlic cloves – 3 medium sized

How to make

1. Toss all veggies into a salad bowl or a deep bowl.
2. Crush garlic and chopped green chilli in a mortar or pestle….. you don’t need to make paste.
3. Add soy sauce lemon juice date syrup in the crushed garlic Chilli mixture and mix well to get your dressing or vinaigrette

Indian Thai fusion salad pic 3
4. Add half of crushed peanuts into the salad and mix well. Now add dressing and top with remaining peanuts.

You are very much done with the salad! Now all you have to do is to sit and enjoy the salad!

Indian Thai fusion salad pic 1

Hope you liked reading this recipe of Indian Thai Fusion Salad!

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