Free Meal Plan – Indian Thyroid Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Free Indian Meal Plan - Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss.

Free Indian Meal Plan

Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss

Free Indian Meal Plan - Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss.

Indian thyroid diet plan for weight loss

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We read a lot about thyroid and its related conditions. Most of us know that if thyroid gland does not function normally, our growth, immune system and metabolism almost everything can go for a toss. One small gland can make you feel fatigued and cause weight issues easily. Thyroid is an autoimmune disease that has already affected people worldwide and is ten times more likely to affect women than men. If you keep looking for free meal plans, here we have a Free Indian Meal Plan – Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss.

Though we know that foods alone can’t cure thyroid related issues, however, a balanced combination of the right diet and medication can help us restore thyroid function and minimize symptoms.

Thyroid affects our metabolism as it is the thyroid hormone that helps control our metabolism speed. Faster the metabolism, more calories our body will burn at rest. People with hypothyroidism, make less thyroid hormone which leads to a slower metabolism and burn fewer calories at rest. A slow metabolism surely comes with various long term health risks like tiredness, increased blood cholesterol levels and the worst one – difficulty in losing weight.

Thyroid and weight loss

 Free Indian Meal Plan - Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss.

People with thyroid usually have been seen to be having weight problems. Research shows that aerobic exercises really help boost the thyroid hormone levels resulting in better metabolism. In addition to it, eating more protein also helps in giving a boost to metabolism. To make life easier for our readers here we present a Free Indian Meal Plan which can be called a special Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss. We hope it will lead your way towards long term healthy eating system.

Indian Thyroid Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Early Morning

Start your day with luke warm water as that can easily take care of your bowel movement.

Breakfast (Options)

  • Oats and whole Mung dal dosa with a bowl of sambhar and coriander chutney.
  • Besan Cheela(recipe)with garlic and red chilly chutney and a small bowl of curd.

Morning Snack (Options)

  • Apple
  • A glass of plain chaach

Lunch (Options)

  • Two small whole wheat atta chapatis with paneer and onion sabzi and small bowl of curd
  • A bowl of brown rice vegetable and paneer pulao with a glass of chaach and green coriander chutney.

Evening Snack (Options)

  • Tea with roasted groundnuts
  • Chaach with roasted chana

Dinner (Options)

  • Spinach with dal and one multi grain chapati with cucumber curd.
  • Pumpkin curry with one multi grain chapati and mixed vegetable raita.

This Indian Thyroid diet plan for weight loss is just a sample diet but will surely help you shed some weight caused by thyroid. Though there is no doubt that any diet helps in losing weight only if supported with adequate activity levels. So all you need to do is ‘Move and Follow our Diet Plan’.

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