Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

Hello All,

Happy Friday 🙂

Tomorrow is Saturday and the day when I would be able to see if my diet has failed me as much as I have failed it 😛

My Experience with Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

GM Diet – Day Five is a protein day. For non veggies, White meat like fish and chicken is the source of fatless protein. One has to look out for substitutes being a vegetarian. Egg whites, soya, lentils, brown rice are equally good options.

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five has to be a proteins+carbs day in some form. You can have daal soup, soya balls, tofu, cottage cheese (paneer), curd, brown rice. Include tomatoes and cucumber in your meals because they are high in water content.

You can have carbs from fruit or vegetable you may like to eat. Avoid eating potato.

For Breakfast:

I had an Omlette of 3 eggs, chucked 2 yolks out of it. This means 3 egg whites and 1 yolk to be precise. I kept grazing on Paneer whenever I felt hungry between my meals. Just a little chaat masala and paneer tastes so yummy 🙂

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

For Lunch and Dinner:

I again had my infamous Khichdi (read Moong Daal). This time I added 3 tomatoes , jeera and other spices to make the Khichdi tastier. I had the same in Dinner too but with Cucumber raita :).

This means I consumed tomato, paneer, daal, cucumber – everything required on my Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five.

My water intake was about 3 litres. I had 2 cups of tea , one in the morning and one in the evening. I also had 2 cups of Green Tea.

I faced no weakness, diziness or drop in energy levels. Thank God for that :).  By the way, I forgot to mention that I went for a walk yesterday after a long time. It was so refreshing to be outdoors.

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

Weight Loss after Indian Vegetarian GM Diet-Day Five

I am going to weigh myself on Saturday, stay tuned 🙂

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 Have you tried Indian Vegetarian GM Diet ?

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