Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day One


Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day One

Hello All,

How was your weekend? Have you guys rejoined your offices? Mine has been super boring yesterday. Who likes to eat only fruits entire day, the keyword here is ‘only‘ 😛

My Experience with Indian Vegetarian GM Diet –

Day One

Honestly, I found it a tough diet to follow. The diet is difficult to pull off since we are used to taking proteins, grains, and carbs as nutrients in our daily food. But fruits are mostly fiber and sugar. When you stuff yourself with fruits, although your stomach gets full you don’t feel satiated. I always felt Ooh something is missing! 

I splurged on melons in the morning to start my day.

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet - Day One

Every two hours, I found myself binging on one or the other fruit. In the entire day, I ate 2 medium sized melons, 2 green apples, 2 kiwis, 1 pomegranate and 1 papaya. I wanted to click pics of every fruit serving but it becomes difficult when you are desperately hungry :P.

GM diet lose weight

I kept myself hydrated with 3.5 – 4 litres of water intake. Till night, I was so fed up with fruits, that I made all kinds of faces looking at my fruit bowl :P.  I read somewhere that after following this GM diet, people complained of hair fall due to lack of protein. Hairfall! What! Oh Noooooooooooooooooo ! So in the evening, I had 2 egg whites and I felt better.

I had 2 cups of tea , one in the morning and one in the evening. I did not face headaches but my energy levels were a little low as compared to my usual hyperactive mode ! I had a proper sleep at night, Thank God for that 🙂

This diet makes you consume a lot of fluids, so you might need to visit Loo after every 30-40 minutes :P. I usually drink a lot of water, so nothing new for me 😉

Weight Loss after Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day One

I have lost 800 gms of weight. Don’t get excited, this could be water weight too. I hope I will achieve my target of losing 3 kgs by the end of 7 days. Fingers crossed 🙂 !

Where I faltered-

After analysing I realized that to go through your first day on GM Diet you need to change your mind set first and follow everything with faith….. that was what I lacked and went for egg whites. So if you are planning to do GM Diet, keep drinking water, water and water.

You can add a few slices of fruits for making your own flavoured water. like this…. 

What say? All you need is ice water and a slice of fruit added to it in a bottle. 🙂

flavoured water

Have you tried Indian Vegetarian GM Diet?