Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Two


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Happy Monday 🙂 . May weekend arrive soon 😉 ! Thank you everyone for your support. Your motivation means a lot to me!

My Experience with Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Two

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Two is a Veggies day. You can have unlimited veggies – raw or cooked. Raw is obviously preferred choice but somehow I don’t like raw veggies. The day has to start with baked/boiled potato with a pat of butter. However, salted butter is not healthy as compared to Desi Ghee. So, i used a pinch of Desi Ghee and tossed boiled potato with red chilly powder and little salt.

I thought I will enjoy this potato recipe but it became boring after I ate half of it 🙁

Indian Vegetarian GM Diet - Day Two

For lunch, I steamed a big sized Cabbage with 3 tomatoes in the pressure cooker. Added minimum salt and spices. I ate this with curd for lunch and dinner both.

lose weight indian vegetarian GM diet

You can read more Cabbage recipes here.

Unlike Day 1, I did not feel the need to indulge every two hours. However two hours post dinner, I felt dizzy. Side effects you see ! I was a little uneasy at night too.

I kept myself hydrated with 3.5 – 4 litres of water intake. I had 2 cups of tea , one in the morning and one in the evening. My energy levels were pretty okay during day but as the day progressed, there was a noticeable drop.

Weight Loss after Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Two

I have lost another 300 gms of weight. This means a total weight loss of over 1 kg.

Have you tried Indian Vegetarian GM Diet ?

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  1. I tried gm diet and lost around 3.5kg, first day was very bad but after that its ok… and in my last days I was feeling so light and fresh.

    • Shweta, I have made a few modifications as per my needs. I am taking egg whites off n on. I am also not giving on my multivitamin n iron tab.
      You can also do the same way. You might lose less but you will detox , lose weight n no hairfall too.

  2. Not yet Tarun, but may be because I normally avoid junk food and sugar or any unhealthy food to maintain my weight. sometimes I cheat but I think that’s ok…/


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