Indian Weight Loss Blog New Year Resolutions 2015


Indian Weight Loss Blog New Year Resolutions 2015

Heya People,

Happy Weekend 🙂 . Hows your new year coming along? I asked a lot of people about their New Year resolutions. A few said they are always broken, I don’t agree but understand though! Anamika said she makes resolutions every day. I am sure she means To Do list, I am never able to complete more than 50% of my daily To Do list , may be becuase its always a mile long :P.

Last year I had planned to lose 15 kgs, but settled with 11 out of which 2 I bounced back, thanks to festivities 🙁 . So after I settle those 2 crappy kgs, another 11 to go. Then I will be my class 12th weight, awwww that would be a dream come true<3 <3

Another resolution was to make 3 people smile everyday, that goes as is this year too 🙂

While I dream, let’s see what others have to say!



Vinita’s new year resolutions

Hello friends!

When a girl starts losing weight she gets immensely happy, right? Wrong! At least in my case. My weight reduced quite a bit over the months and that is no good news at all! I am already on the slimmer side and further weight loss would make me look thinner!!! Nooooooo! So, my new year resolution is to gain back all the weight I have lost. I am using the help of visual motivation tools, to do that I have placed a card on my work desk with the desired weight written on it. So as and when I am working on my laptop I get to see a glimpse of it. Such tools actually do work! When you constantly look at your goals you automatically start working towards them. I really want to put on weight and I hope this year I am able gain as well as maintain an ideal body weight! I want my health to be in the best shape this year.

Motivation quote

Dr.Sahiba’s New Year Resolutions

Heya everyone..
The year 2014 brought some serious downfalls in my life. I faced things that I had never imagined could happen with me with the last day being the worst. Yesterday night at 12, I had tears in my eyes while I wrapped my best friend with a new-year hug. So the only resolution for me this year is to put a brave front to whatever bad things life brings to me and to move ahead. TO MOVE AHEAD AND TO NEVER LOOK BACK…
And hey, I’ll make sure I have my fingers to work more on the keypad and you’ll read more of my write-ups this year.
I wish more success and love to my Wiseshe and IWB family. May we all grow together to new heights this year. Cheers!!

Kanan’s New Year Resolutions

2014 has ended and it was a great year as I ventured into a new field of work and passion the digital world of creative writing through IWB. Life is full of surprises and shocks but then that is what makes life a happening thing to look forward to. Previous year taught me so many lessons and checking on all kinds of experiences my resolution for 2015 is I will be happy and stay emotionally strong.

this is my year

I promise myself to love life as it comes, because life is nothing else but an ultimate whirlwind romance with one’s own self. So Welcome 2015 here you come and I get ready to have another steaming romance with myself. Shocks and surprises of my life … what are you waiting for? I am ready to take you head on. Bring it on. 🙂

Rahul’s new year resolutions

My resolution is to gain 5 kilos of lean muscle mass. Shred body fat to single digit. Do well in my job. If god wants, get a new one, get engaged to my gf and take better care of my parents!

What is your new year resolution? Do share with us!

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