Indian Weight Loss Blog Updates-What’s coming next?


Indian Weight Loss Blog Updates-What’s coming next?

Heya Everyone,

Fasten your seat belts, we are taking you for a ride !

There’s a lot new coming up on IWB, thanks for all your love that encourages to do better and different every day.I will not disclose all, but a few updates here. The best reserved for the dessert later 😉

IWB family just got bigger

Hola , a lot of health n fitness freaks want to be part of our family. You will see dietitians, fitness experts and some foreign authors writing on IWB ! Great right 🙂 , i am so damn excited !

Now let’s talk about –

iwb coming soon

IWB Fitness Freaks – next series on IWB

IWB is a bunch of maniacs, health and fitness freaks. We are different people and our health and fitness goals are also very different. We follow different lifestyles, workout in various ways, believe in specific mantras, eat different cuisines, vouch for different weight loss and fitness tricks. What keeps us bound is the madness towards being healthy and fit !

I will reveal the Fitness Freaks in my next post. They will share their favorite recipes, weight loss tips, gadgets, latest finds etc in this series. This is a step to connect and find out more about each other 🙂

If you wish to be a part of the gang and wish to share your secrets, email us at –

By the way, we have a Facebook group called Fitness freaks where we do chit chat and share lot of stuff, you can join here.

If you wish to connect with me, you can join my friend list too, here.

IWB Workout Series – next series on IWB

Some people shed weight faster with cardio, some do with resistance training. Some people are top heavy, some are trunk heavy and others are bottom heavy. How do you decide what workout helps you to reduce from most needed areas ?

We will guide you with the best workout for your body. This series will help you with workouts depending on your body type, so that you are able to achieve a proportionate and toned body. Sounds interesting ?

We are hearing , yes we are !

Like I always say, this is a platform for everyone. If you have some ideas you want us to implement here, scream out aloud. If you wish to read some specific posts or have some feedback, scream out aloud , yet again 🙂




P.S – Can you keep calm n have fun ? I don’t know, for me fun is either me screaming or someone else(scapegoat) Evil grin … yess

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