Indian Weight Loss Program-What makes It Different From Others?

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Indian Weight Loss Program-What makes It Different From Others?

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These days a lot of people are struggling with weight issues. Both men and women, who are overweight, try all the tricks in the book to lose weight but in vain. They spend fortunes on weight loss pills and shakes only to find that they harm such things harm their health in the long run.

What they actually need is professional help and a tailor made program for them to follow and lose weight. They need to be directed towards the right path and Indian weight loss blog is doing just the same.

We at Indian weight loss blog run a weight loss program. It is a highly successful program that has helped so many people lose weight and revamp their lives. They have been able to bring in huge changes in their lives due to the weight loss program. In our weight loss team, there is a certified dietician along with other experienced members. We ensure that you lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off too!

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What makes Indian weight loss program different from others?

Indian weight loss program is a weight loss program with a difference. You see, we don’t offer standard weight loss plans. Diet plans are tailor made according to the needs of the individual. This is because every individual is unique and we respect that fact. Diet plans are made after deeply analysing an individual’s lifestyle. The main highlights of the program are Mentorship (need based) and daily monitoring.

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How does the weight loss program work?

Well, it would be good if you know how our weight loss team works to fulfill your weight loss dream. Here is a step-by-step working of our team:

Step 1: A questionnaire is shared with you that gathers information like height, weight, existing medical conditions, eating habits and preferences.

Step 2: An in-depth analysis of the needs of clients is done by the weight loss team.

Step 3: Diet planning is done exclusively for each client and the details are sent to them.

Step 4: Daily monitoring is done to check whether the diet plan is being followed to the T. Everyday motivation is guaranteed!

Everything is done online, so, you can stay in touch with the team from anywhere. The team keeps your preferences in mind and makes sure that you get to eat your favourite foods during the diet.

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What are the types of programs?

We have basically two types of programs:

  1. One Month Program

For the one month program, you get two fortnightly diet plans, complete daily online monitoring, along with exercise and work out help too.

  1. Three Month Program

For the three month program, we provide you with fortnightly diet plans which are customized for you keeping in view your weight loss progress.

So many people have joined our program and have really happy stories to narrate about their transformation from being not-so-fit to really fit! The numbers on the scale change and it does not stop there. The way you look and feel about yourself changes completely! The program helps you lose weight and keep it off for good!

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