Why Indian Women Gain Weight Suddenly After Marriage?


weight gain after marriage

Why Indian Women Gain Weight Suddenly After Marriage?

One of the things I dreaded when I got married was the alleged change in my waistline! We have all been told that woman gain weight after marriage. It’s not just two or three kgs, we seem to pile on so much more than that. But, why?

Changes in eating habits

Initial Euphoria of festivities

Of course, one of the obvious reasons is all that extra food we have before, during and after the festivities. The fact that we have so many pre-wedding rituals and pre-wedding celebrations means, lots of days of eating high-calorie food. And after the festivities are over we get so caught up in our new life. We are in a happy cocoon and we forget all about eating right, and keeping our weight in check.  if you visit relatives you will be  welcomed with high-calorie fried samosas, and high sugar sweets. And you can’t refuse because you don’t want to offend your new family. And don’t all newly married brides love all the attention and pampering; which usually comes in the form of food!

food in marriageOver- eating

Women who live with their in-laws, tend to overeat, simply because your MIL will want to give you second and third helpings! It’s difficult to refuse, and over a period of time your stomach gets used to extra food. I have noticed it myself, the week my MIL and FIL visited use, I ate more than my usual even when I tried to keep a check.

Finishing leftovers

leftover pizza

Women who live only with their husbands also tend to eat more in a bid to finish leftovers. Because there is no one else to eat it up, and we don’t want to be wasteful.

Changes in Lifestyle

The main but not so obvious culprit is our ever-dancing hormones. Our hormones think it’s fun to go berserk even with little changes in our daily routine. And for many of us, marriage is a major lifestyle change. We take in a lot, new household systems, new family members to get to know, and sometimes even city changes. Add to that the stress of trying to do everything right for your new family. We are conditioned to be pressurised, one small mistake and we start worrying almost as much as the bahus of the daily soaps. And the stress of a new lifestyle leads to changes in hormones which inevitably leads to weight gain!

Active sexual life

sex and weight gainHow can I not mention under the sheet activities. Regular sex also leads to changes in hormones, especially for woman experiencing sex for the first time. No wonder, our hormones react so much, which leads to fluctuations in our weight. While it’s a myth that sex itself leads to weight gain,  but our hormones do have a role.

It’s wedding season and many of you are getting ready to tie the knot. Now that you know what causes weight gain, you can stop worrying about it and be prepared. And if you’re newly married like me, don’t be shocked by some extra kilos;  and definitely don’t let that bring you down!

Now you know why Indian women gain weight suddenly after marriage?

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