Indians are deficient in protein – How to fix it?


Deficiency of protein in Indians and how to fix it?

Protein is considered as one of the important sources used in body building. It not only adds nutritive value to our body but also helps to protect our immune system. This is a critical and essential need for both men and women at every age of their life. But in today’s era, deficiency of proteins especially in Indians has become a very common factor which leaves a quite bad impact on their health. About 9 of 10 Indians suffer from protein deficiency. Indians consume excessive amount of starch and fat but not enough amounts of proteins. This is the main reason due to which Indians do not have enough muscle mass in their body. This figure gives an alarming alert to all Indians. It is important to know the reason of this deficiency and further tackle this issue in a correct manner.


Why Indians are deficient in protein?

These days people are often heath conscious and gym freak. They usually follow strict diet plans and try to accumulate all the necessary and essential nutrients in their diet. But at the end of the day, they miss some of the most essential nutrients and there body starts lacking in those nutrients. Other important reason is the change of lifestyle. People often visit outside for food rather than preferring home-cooked food which contains all the essential nutrients. 90% of vegetarians suffer from protein deficiency because their diet does not contain enough amount of protein. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fibers, minerals and vitamins but their protein is not easily available to the body.

Excess of protein-how much we really need

Protein deficiency symptoms

It is important to know if you are suffering from mild/chronic protein deficiency. Here are some common symptoms:

1. Unstable levels of Blood Sugar: Constant craving even after eating regular meals at definite intervals is the most important cause of blood sugar instability. Fluctuation in blood sugar levels is always due to the deficiency of proteins in the body.
2. Pain in Muscles and Joints: Muscles and joints are the most affected region of your body in case you are protein deficient. The muscular pain is often reported by individuals during winter season because during winters, body stores enough proteins and fats to rebuild the muscles. Most of the proteins are stored near muscles and joints, so that they can be instantly used after high energy impact exercises. This reserve does not last for long time if you are protein deficient.

How to fix Protein deficiency?

How To Curb Sugar Cravings protein foods

1. Red Meat is one of the most important sources of Protein. One should have this at least twice a week to rebuild muscles and even stabilize your sugar levels.
2. But if you are vegetarian and the first option does not suit you, then you can include protein shakes, pea, and rice in your body with each meal.

Protein sources for both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian:


• Dairy products
• Fish
• Red Meat
• Poultry


• Sprouted Dals
• Nuts such as almonds, walnuts
• Spinach
• Potato
• Whole grain foods
• Peas
• Paneer
• Peanuts
Sweet Potato

Therefore, it is important to understand how much protein is necessary for our body and how you could obtain them if your body is deficient in protein.

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