India’s Position At The Asian Games- 57 medals


India’s position at the Asian games-57 medals

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Sports are such an important as well as entertaining part of our lives. Seeing people and nations winning and losing is quite inspirational. When our nation wins it sparks the patriotic feelings. That happiness we have for our nation is unmatchable to anything other kind of happiness. After any match whether team or individual, winners naturally celebrate but those who lose also display their true sportsman spirit. This year at the Asian games China has bagged the maximum number of medals at 342, followed by South Korea at 234 and Japan at 200 medals.

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Want to know how India fared this time at the Asian games? Well, then hop on, because this post is dedicated to the Asian games and Indian sportsmen and sportswomen! The finest athletes represented the nation in the Asian games that were held in Incheon, South Korea.

Though the medal count at the Asian games 2014 was lesser than expected, Indian sports still has a lot to celebrate about. India was able to win 11 gold medals which is 3 counts lesser than what they had won in China 4 years ago. The silver medal count is 10 and bronze is 36. So, totally we have won 57 medals!! Gold came pouring in due to archery, boxing, hockey, shooting, squash, athletics, kabaddi, tennis and wrestling.

Counting the medals won is not the right way of measuring India’s performance. The number of events and sports are decided by the host city. This time in Korea the number of sports was reduced to 36 in comparison to 42 in 2010 in the previous host city Guangzhou, China.

The good news is that our athletes are winning medals in more number of sports. India has won in 21 team events (any event involving more than one athlete is called a team event) and 35 individual athletes have won medals.

The haul of 11 gold medals has placed India in the 8th position this time. The last time India was two rungs above in the list. But we should rejoice because we are again the top 10 in the list of nations!

Looking at the big picture, it is worth noting that some of the gold medals were won in non-Olympic sports such as kabbadi that is hardly known even in some parts of Asia.

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The first gold medal was won by army shooter Jitu Rai. Then came the gold from Kabbadi. The men’s hockey team performed really well and was able to win gold. They were crowned as Asian champions after 16 long years. This has made them earn a direct berth to the Summer Olympics 2016 hockey tournament! Isn’t it a moment of pride? Boxer Mary Kom has hit new heights with a gold medal! An added feather to her cap! Yogeshwar Dutt won gold in wrestling. Seema Punia won in women’s discuss throw. Our tennis superstar Sania Mirza along with Saketh Myneni struck gold in Tennis. Both the men’s kabaddi team and the women’s kabaddi team won gold! A team of 4 champions won gold in the relay. Archery and squash categories too won the gold medal.

Overall, it was a good effort on everybody’s part. The main thing is participation. Winning or losing are secondary. Our sportsmen and sportswomen have made us proud by bringing the nation in the top 10 list out of the 45 countries that participated.

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