Top 6 Inflammatory Foods You Should Be Aware Of!


Inflammatory foods You Should Be Aware Of!

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The word ‘inflammation’ has a negative connotation every time. Do you know that it is the body’s natural way of protection when you happen to be sick or injured? It helps the body fight foreign invaders and at the same time stimulates healing.

However, chronic inflammation in your body can be bad for health. There is an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many more diseases. Surprisingly, the foods consumed by you also have a major effect on the inflammation in your body.

Check out the top 6 inflammatory foods!

1) Sugar and HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup)

sugar craving

Table sugar and HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) are the two chief types of added sugar in our diet. One reason why added sugars are harmful is that they increase inflammation that can lead to diseases.

In a study, mice were kept on a high sucrose diet and they developed cancer partly due to inflammation due to consumption of sugar.

A clinical trial on humans found that a group who drank soda had an increased level of uric acid and that leads to inflammation and insulin resistance.

Sugars are bad because they supply too much of fructose. Consuming little amounts of fructose in fruits and veggies is fine but having huge amounts of it from added sugars can be a bad idea. It causes inflammation and several diseases.

2) Trans fat (artificial)


It well known that artificial trans fats are the most unhealthy fats on earth. They are made by adding hydrogen to liquid unsaturated fats to make them as stable as a solid fat. You will find them listed on most food products as “partially hydrogenated” oils. They are added to processed foods to extend shelf life.

Artificial trans fats cause inflammation unlike the natural trans fat present in meat and dairy. They are also known to lower the good cholesterol – HDL. Say not to artificial trans fat if you want to avoid inflammation in your body.

3) Vegetable and seed oil

Why Canola Oil Is Not Healthy

The truth is that vegetable oils are not healthy. They are extracted using solvents such as hexane which is a part of gasoline. Vegetable oils made this way are as follows:

Olive oil and coconut oil are healthy in this regard as they are not extracted with such methods.

Vegetable and seed oils have polyunsaturated fatty acids that make them prone to damage due to oxidation. The really high omega-6 fatty acid content in these oils results in inflammation in the body on consumption.

4) Refined carbs


All carbs are not bad! We humans have been eating complex carbs for millions of years. However, consuming refined carbs cause inflammation in the body resulting in many diseases.

Refined crabs have most of their fibre removed. And that is the main problem as it is fibre that makes one feel full, controls blood sugar and is a food for the friendly bacteria in your gut.

According to researchers, refined carbs facilitate the growth of inflammatory gut bacteria that increases the risk of obesity as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

5) Excess alcohol

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

A little consumption of alcohol has some health benefits to offer. However, too much of it can result in some serious problems. People who drink too much have the chances of landing up with inflammation. Heavy drinkers can suffer from what is called a ‘leaky gut’ which can cause inflammation leading to organ damage. So, people, you should limit your alcohol consumption.

The bottom line

Stay healthy by eliminating foods that cause inflammation!

Hope this post on inflammatory foods has been useful!

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