5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Day 2 Innovate To Avoid Sugar Craving

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5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge-Day 2 Innovate to avoid sugar craving

no sugar please

Helloo dearies, how is it going.. I mean the Challenge? In fact this challenge came right in time for me as I am staying with my MIL who is recuperating after a long stint in ICU, and whole day is spent less with the patient but more with the guests coming over to ask about her health. 😛 With every round of tea or soft drinks there are variety of biscuits to be served and unknowingly I had started picking up a few bites here and there . Then comes the request of the relatives especially MIL, “Lo bete aap bhi lo, sara din kaam mein lagi rahti hai.” Awww! how can you refuse such loving gesture? Then comes a moment when you realise that you have already polished off not less than 7-8 sugar laden biscuits along with a few cups of tea with sugar.

Today morning I announced that no more asking me for anything sweet or sugary tea… as I am part of this 5 Days Sweet Tooth Challenge. 🙂 And the day started with a cup of tea. I love my morning tea made black with fresh cream … No Sugar. You see when you add Malai to your tea it automatically becomes mildly sweet, and you are able to cut on your carbs too.

I have a terrible sweet tooth and just a small push is enough to make me go weak in knees. So I decided to innovate something interesting and keep myself busy so that I don’t get time to think of sugar or other sugary treats.

If you had been following this blog then you must have read my post on Low-carb Sugarfree Chocolates.  If not then you can check it out here. These are real tasty and made in a jiffy. Must try making at home. 🙂

Homemade coconut oil Chocolate

These are excellent to keep that sugar craving at bay especially after meals. So make a lot with almonds and raisins and store in refrigerator. By the way here is another pic of Cauliflower pancakes which I plan to make tomorrow for dessert. Check recipe here.

Low Carb Glutten Free Cauliflower Pancake Recipe (3)

That was what I did to distract myself from craving sugar whole day … how about you? How did you control your sugar craving? Do share with us.

Now I have to be innovative and keep thinking what should be done to distract myself from those sweets and biscuits and how to say no to all those who offer sugary goodies to me as a gesture of their sweet affection towards me.

Till next time Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.

Will you Innovate To Avoid Sugar Craving ?

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