Low Carb High Fiber Cake Recipe


Instant Low Carb High Fiber Cake Recipe


I think I should stop writing now as I am really bored writing about health, weight loss and fitness and need a bit of change of flavour in my writing style. BORED !! (boredom is a typical sign of Gemini 😛 ) But its difficult to stop writing also, so now what should I do? I think today I must try writing something different..or may be the same thing in a different manner… okay, let me write a scene by scene account of a crazy event of my life…..(One!!! …. oh! there are many of them every day) 😛

Of Temptation and A Crazy Seduction

Shot 1

I woke up crazy with a bad stomach (It is normal with me as the repercussion of eating junk a night before with kids :P) and had a terrible craving for something soft and sweet with a cup of nicely brewed tea. Now craving sweet that too early in the morning … nahiiiii.. yeh nahiiii ho sakta…. !!!! but I knew, nothing could save me from getting seduced by that innocent looking 200 ml pack of chocolate fudge ice-cream winking at me from the cool terrains of the freezer. Something quick had to be done. SOS call.

Shot 2

I am happiiiiiii….. I am shouting and screaming with those funny sounds Ummm! Aaah!! Uuuh!! Yes.. yes!!  😉 Oh my God….Oh God!! I can’t believe it!!! I love you soooo much! ooooohhh !! You are the best….. 😛

NB.   Those reading this post are requested to follow these instructions carefully:

  • Do not try to read between the lines and the special expressions in this special post.

  • Do not panic and please don’t worry about my sanity.

Because—- those who stay with me in my house find this as my normal behavior — in the kitchen…. Yes, kitchen, when I succeed in taming some new low carb recipe.  Ha ha ha ….  😉 Oh! Come on yaar, we all know this is a health related blog and no ‘Ahem Ahem’ type posts are entertained here. LOL


Since I was craving ‘meetha’ so went to the kitchen and checked what all was available. I found a few common ingredients and after another 15 minutes I was enjoying a super bowl of Instant cake. These are the things I picked up.

instant cake ingredients

Coconut flour 2 tbsp

Flax seeds powder 1 tbsp

Cocoa powder 1 tsp

Egg  1

Olive oil 1 tsp

Stevia 1 tsp

Chocolate essence 1/2 tsp

Eno 1/2 tsp

So now the biggest question was what to do with these things!!


I baked an instant cake… 🙂

instant cake

How I baked this cake in 5 minutes?

Simple two steps

  • Blend it

  • Bake it

and then Eat it. 🙂 lol


Just simply pick up the blender jar.

Throw all ingredients in the jar, leaving Eno aside.

Blend well for 1 minute.

Add and mix Eno.

Pour in a medium sized bowl. No need to grease the bowl.

instant cake batter

Micro High for three minutes.

Take out the bowl from Microwave oven

instant cake slices

Last Shot

Blank Screen 😛

I wish I could click my own pics gobbling up those soft warm and crumbly slices of my instant cake.  😀

Aren’t those slices looking great? Thank God; I was quick enough to click pics of my instant cake slices because it took me exact 2 minutes to finish this 5 mnt low carb high fibre cake.

The End

Nutrition Review

2014-07-15 19_47_49-Recipe Nutrition Facts, Recipe Nutrition Calculator, Calories in a Recipe _ MyFi

A look at the screen shot and we know that the Net carbs per serving are just 2 gms.. and I had all four servings for breakfast..  😛 that means for my breakfast if  I consumed the whole cake , all three servings (which any way you cannot) it will be 325 calories whooping 11 gm proteins and just 4 gm net carbs… and fat 24 gm… but then who cares about fat on a low carb high fibre and fat diet. 🙂

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly A WINNER Recipe hands down. 🙂

Hey! what do you have to say about this Low Carb High Fiber Cake Recipe?

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  1. Well written..

    i make similar cake its just that i don use eno in it ..i got so addicted to them that i was having it with my coffee every day..instead of stevia i just spread tbsp. of peanut butter over it and enjoy them yumminess.

    you can also add stevia in heavy cream and top it over the cake….:)

  2. Hi for info of all who wish to know about coconut flour…. its nothing but nariyal boora/ choora or dessicated coconut. 🙂

  3. Anamika eno is the safest bet …. cake might fail to rise with baking powder or baking soda but never with eno. Though I love stevia sweetened heavy cream with this cake but then when u r being seduced by your sweet tooth playing dirty tempting games … there is no time for creamy tops….. 😉

  4. no its not scraped coconut …you get ready made in the market ,but basically it is what you get the residue of coconut after squeezing out coconut milk.

  5. Fantastic cake.. If you say, it tastes as good as it looks, I am surely trying it.. 😀

    Till date, we threw this residue coconut.. Now will reuse them in yummy cakes.. And also, know anything about coconut butter?? I found out while browsing Paleo (vegan) foods.. Would love any info on it.

  6. I make it too ! I use the regular aata instead of coconut.. and add Quaker oats strawberry to it! Instead of eno I add baking powder. It tastes yumm

  7. Anjali residue has to be dried and kept for future use. Coconut milk when churned gives coconut butter. simple….. but I have never tasted it…. I always plan to do it but the moment coconut slices are chopped it just vanishes in thin air…. the whole family is crazy for coconut. 🙂

  8. Shruti, atta and oats make this recipe full of carbs and we are aiming to make low carb recipes… 🙂


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