Looking For Other Instant Noodles After Maggi Ban?Read This Before Buying


Looking For Other Instant Noodles After Maggi Ban?Read This Before Buying

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Maggi masala noodles have been banned. And I am sure you all know that it happened because of high levels of lead and MSG present in them. They have been rendered unfit for consumption. Now many people are wondering what to do with their stock of Maggi noodles. Are you too one among them? You must be thinking that only Maggi masala noodles have been banned so you can still consume other varieties like Maggi oats or Maggi atta noodles. You are wrong here! Instant noodles of any type are bad for health. Find out why!

High Dose Of MSG,Lead In Maggi 2015 India

High sodium content

A 90 g bowl of Maggi noodles has about 1090 mg of sodium in it and it makes up for half of your daily required dose of sodium. What this means is that you need to cook the rest of your food, your main meals as well as snacks with just half a spoon of salt, which is not possible. This shows that people who suffer from hypertension and are at the risk of heart disease should stay away from instant noodles.

High in unhealthy fats and carbs

Each and every variety of Maggi noodles is high in unhealthy fats. The basic ingredient of such instant noodles is maida or refined flour. And you know that maida is not good for health as it lacks nutrients.

Maggi atta noodles have 84.2% atta and the oats version of Maggi has 78.4% of multigrain flour out of which only 52% is the flour of oats.

All instant noodles have more or less the same kind of ingredients in them. Still want to have a bowl of instant noodles as a meal? If yes, please read on.

Low in fibre and proteins

You are absolutely wrong if you feel that a teeny-weeny bit of veggies they add in the instant noodle masala make it healthier. They simply don’t add any kind of nutrients to the bowl of noodles.

Instant noodles are low in nutrients, low in fibre as well as low in protein. If you still don’t believe it then please have a look at the pack of any instant noodles. You will be shocked to know the reality!

Don’t get digested easily

Since Maggi noodles are made up of maida i.e. refined flour, it is heavy on the stomach and doesn’t get digested easily. Why on Earth do you want to play with your digestive health? Just think when you had stomach pain the last time and was it after having instant noodles? Probably yes!

woman with stomach pain

Have high amounts of preservatives

Yes, it is well known fact that all processed or packaged stuff have preservatives in them. The same truth holds good for instant noodles too. Just flip the pack and you will find it clearly mentioned that the noodles have preservatives in them. These preservatives are not good for health. They are high in sodium. High sodium increases health complications such as hypertension, heart disease and also kidney disease.

Now, you still want to snack on instant noodles? Why don’t you go in for something healthy? Here are healthy alternatives to your favourite or may I say ex-favourite 😛 Maggi and its relatives!

Do you agree that Instant Noodles Are Bad For Health?

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