Internet And Your Weight loss Goals


Internet And Your Weight loss Goals

Internet And My Weight loss Goals internet

Internet And Your Weight loss Goals

When I came to terms with my weight issues I was all alone fighting my mind set, lethargy and eating habits. This was the time when I wanted to go to some dietician for help. I was staying in a place where I couldn’t easily find any reputed dietician or nutritionist around. It was my decision to lose all the weight without any professional help that was stopping me too to look for any such professional. Armed with Kalli Purie’s book ‘Confessions of a serial Dieter’, I started on a journey which now seems to be an unending one. 🙁

During those initial days I took all kind of help from Internet and everyone’s darling Google. I looked for diet plans, exercises and everything that could suit my temperament and liking, and the only place to find that was Google. I was frantically looking for all good things that could help me and in turn what was I doing!! Sitting whole day on my big A** and doing nothing. Okay, I am sorry to those who were offended by the use of THAT word here. 🙂 Was that going to help me lose any weight? I was sitting on an easy chair with legs folded up holding a bowl of popcorn and watching all kinds of work outs to help me lose weight…. seriously!!!

Thank god wisdom prevailed and finally I decided to wake up and move. But let me tell you breaking the walls of internet addiction wasn’t that easy as it seems. It took me some real time to adjust to a new routine breaking the labyrinth of addiction. That period of internet addiction was bad, real bad. so here is how I managed to come out of it.

Be aware and accept the truth

Internet And My Weight loss Goals 1Can you change anything about your life if you are not aware of it? Be aware of your urge to do something is the first step towards taking reformative action. What most of us do is not to think about the problem and admitting that there’s a problem. It’s not a happy feeling to think about what makes us feel guilty, so we keep putting off discomfort like exercise. But ignoring the problem, pretending it doesn’t exist … that doesn’t make things better. What is needed here is to face the problem, and take it head on. We need to be aware of the troubling reality of our addiction.

Act on signals

Once you are aware of your short comings, you need to correct them and that can be done by giving yourself strong reminders so that you keep noticing the urges as they come up. My way of doing that was by setting an alarm on my mobile for particular time intervals. As the alarm went I was getting up from my chair and took a break, then before going back did 500 steps spot walking. This is something that took me some real good time to practice. I used to get so bugged with that alarm, but since I used to keep the alarm far away from me so I had to get up every time it went off.

Recognise your procrastination

Internet And My Weight loss Goals whyI realised that my looking for more and more of those diet plans and exercise videos were in fact a way of procrastination. I was trying to avoid something harder than what I was already doing. My addiction with technology was fulfilling my need to find comfort, away from my discomfort of being fat.

Start small

I started staying away from the computer by taking small half an hour breaks. I was restless but then decided to get moving. Spot walking was very helpful. The movement made me feel good and like an achiever. Once I was done with half an hour breaks I took a long break of  one hour plus doing ‘Walk at Home’.

Internet my friend and my foe

We’re here on this earth for a very short period and its high time we recognise our life as a beautiful miraculous gift. We have no right to waste it and have all the reasons to make something big and inspiring out of it. Internet is a wonderful opportunity for us to do something with the grey areas of our life. Let it help us learn something and act on those learnings. Learn to play a game through YouTube videos and then go outside to make friends and make a team to play the learnt game.

youtube internet and weight lossI am thankful that I was saved in time by my sanity and I started following those downloaded YouTube videos of various workouts. Well not that I was able to do all of them but yes till date all the Walk at Home videos I still have and follow religiously. Internet which was about to be my enemy turned into my best friend by learning simple things like:

  • Before you switch on your computer ask yourself “WHY”?
  • Set a GOAL for surfing net
  • Take a BREAK
  • Do a few hundred steps of SPOT WALKING
  • Drink lots of water. (so much that you have to go to the loo every half an hour)  😉 Well, I am really serious about it.

Finally, the closing note :

Watching workout videos, reading and downloading diet plans are not going to make you lose weight, You have to work on yourself with the help of your downloads. 

Are you addicted to the internet?

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