Introducing Minisha Jaiswal, Dietician On Board


Hello Beautiful People,

Meet Minisha Jaiswal, Our Dietician On Board πŸ™‚ . She will help all of us with her knowledge on Fitness, Weight Loss, Diet , Nutrition… everything related to Health.

Introducing Minisha Jaiswal, Dietician On Board

Let’s know about her and seek answers from her to some of the important questions. More questions ? Keep them coming !

Minisha – Welcome here πŸ™‚ . Hope to learn a lot from you !


Anamika n Tarun


Please introduce yourself. How did you enter this profession?


I am Minisha Jaiswal.Β  I am a dietician by profession. The relationship between β€œHuman” and β€œDiet” have always been of a great interest to me. Hence, after completing my masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management, I became a dietician.

How should a person define his/her nutrition and fitness goals?


I strongly believe ones fitness and nutrition goals should be realistic. For instance, if a person is obese he/she cannot expect a perfect physique in a month. Patience and perseverance is the key. One should always avoid short cut to good health as these have adverse effects. Discipline is key to achieve any goal in life. With diet modifications and lifestyle change, one can definitely achieve fitness goals.

When a person comes for consultation, how do you develop a plan for him/her?


Several factors are kept in mind before developing a diet plan for an individual. E.g. Person’s age, weight, height, BMI, lifestyle, blood group, any past medical history and present illness (if any).

What are your thoughts on dieting, exercise and yoga?


I neither believe nor advice crash diets or starving for weight loss. Healthy diet along with any form of physical exercise, be it yoga, working out in gym, any sports activity or a daily brisk walk in a park works wonders. It helps not only in weight management but also for a healthy mind and body.

What are certain lifestyle issues you observe with your clients?


These days, working couples/individuals have no time for themselves. Their erratic working hours, work pressure, late night shifts, sitting jobs leave them exhausted mentally and physically.Β  They have little or no time for cooking nutritious meals and most of the time they end up eating out.

Children enjoy eating a lot of junk food which are mostly zero in nutrition and adds a load of calories.

What are your suggestions to keep healthy for people who work in shifts, working moms, travelling folks etc?

I always suggest having home-cook food. If time does not permit to cook, hire someone who can cook for you. Avoid taking long gaps between meals by having fruits or salads. Drink plenty of water and walk 40-50 steps after every 30 min. Use stairs instead of lifts (as much possible) and avoid late night shifts. These are some basic steps one can follow while having tight working schedule.

How much food is enough food for a person?


There is no parameter to measure the amount of food enough of an individual. The amount of food or the amount of calories intake depends upon age, gender, physical activity. Β For instance calorie intake in children and pregnant and lactating mothers is higher than a normal adult.

What would be your recommendations for a person who wants to lose weight?


My recommendation is β€œeat breakfast like king, lunch like prince, dinner like beggar”

Losing weight has become a challenge for many people these days. A healthy diet and physical activity is the key. But, certainly we do prescribe special diets for people with certain diseases and special diets for faster weight loss.

We have so much dependency on packaged food items.Β  They have become a part of our life say ketchup or jam. How to deal with them?

First and foremost, it’s important to realise the fact that we are getting dependent on packaged food items. Many people don’t even realise it. Once realized, half the battle is won. Now, one can work on the efforts to replace such items with healthier options.

What are some smart choices to order while eating at a restaurant?

I always suggest people to order for salad before meal. Salad is a rich source of fibre and keeps you full. Then have your meal. You will be surprised that instead of your regular intake of chapatis, you will end up eating one less.

Grilled, baked food items are preferred over fried ones. Have plain rotis instead of butter paranthas or naans. Replacing coke with fresh lime water is again a good option. Grilled chicken or paneer is better than in thick gravies.

How important is planning for right eating? How can one plan effectively?


Of course planning is important for right eating especially for weight watchers. One can plan according to his/her daily working schedules, no. of meals in a day and amount of calories to be given in a day. A good dietician will help one in keeping check on his calories intake.

How much time should one give to lose weight?


As mentioned before, patience and perseverance is the key to achieve ideal weight. One cannot expect results in fortnight. However, with modifications in diet and eating habits, one can start observing difference from first month.

What diet plan do you recommend for women suffering with PCOS and for those who are trying to conceive?


Overall lifestyle change is recommended for females suffering from PCOS. Since women with PCOS generally have weight problem which does not go off easily. Hence weight in control becomes a necessity, for them appropriate balanced diet rich in fibre is advised. Consult a good dietician, get a diet chart according to their body dynamics and follow it sincerely.

Questions ? Pour them here πŸ™‚

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    • Hi sarah
      Have lots of citrus fruits and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from your body and last but not the least stay hsppy… πŸ™‚

  1. Nice!! Its really informative !

    It would be more nice if you share more information on diet plans for women affected from PCOS, like what food should be completely avoided and which kind of food helps. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey minisha,

    I need ur advice on diet plan to gain some weight as with in 2 yrs i had two abortion n acc to my height my weight is less , so i loook lean n thin …so plz suggest some diet acc to that.

    • Hi Shilpa,

      Include more of whole grains and dairy products in your diet.
      You should also add a dietary supplement in your diet, that would not help you in weight gain also provide you with other nutrients which you might be lacking otherwise.

        • HI Shilpa,
          Do get yourself checked for Hyperthyroidism, where person does not put on weight.
          Dietary supplements are multi vitamins which your will take care of all other nutrients which you might be lacking from your normal diet.
          meal replacements also help in weight gain/weight loss such as products from ‘Herbalife’.
          if you are interested i can assist you in getting one.

  3. Hi Minisha..I have Thyroid due to which my weight will be fluctuating always. My height is 5.3 and I weigh 58kg. I am 29 years old. Do you think I have normal BMI or should lose some more weight? Please do write on Thyroid also as many women are suffering from this.

    • Hi Arati,
      You need to lose 2kgs of weight.
      if not possible then try to maintain this weight and don’t put on at all.
      my next article is on PCOS. do read it as thyroid and PCOS are related many a times.
      After this, my next article will be on’ Thyroid’ where you will get complete information about it.

  4. I need to loose twenty kg weight ..I am 163 cm and I weigh 80 kg..could you suggest me a diet plan to loose dat weight..I am addicted to junk I crave more what should I do for dat..


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