Introducing Rani:Yoga Practitioner On Indian Weight Loss Blog


Introducing Rani:Yoga Practitioner On Indian Weight Loss Blog

Heya Everyone,

How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it :)! We, at IWB, have been working hard to get the right people as partners in your Fitness and Weight Loss journey.

We are Introducing Rani:Yoga Practitioner On Indian Weight Loss Blog who has been practicing Yoga for 7 years. Hope that we all will learn a lot from her 🙂

Introducing Rani:Yoga Practitioner On Indian Weight Loss Blog

Hello Everyone,

 Hope you are all fit and healthy. You guys know me as Rani on wiseshe and today here I am with my first of many health and fitness posts on Indian Weight Loss Blog.

Let me introduce myself a little first for those who are yet to know me. I am Dharani Bharadwaj, 23 years old, known as Dharu or Rani from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. I am a jewelry designer by profession, makeup and fashion stylist and health enthusiast by passion. More than makeup or fashion, health and fitness are my main interest among the things that usually women are crazy about.

Yoga expert on Indian weight loss blog

I have been practicing and following yoga for almost 7 years now. Yoga is something that always fascinated me that always helped in lifting me up whenever I was down, made me happy whenever there was nothing great in my life. It’s my holy grail and my best friend.

I had lots of fluctuations in my health and especially weight. I was never fat per se. I was, let’s say plump or bubbly. I was stark thin like a beanpole till my 14th year and as I got my maturity, I developed and then started my issues.

I was good till my 17th year. School kept me fit and beautiful. As I went ahead to Bangalore to pursue my profession, the climate, especially pollution and food (hostel food has been never great girls) took its toll on my body. Oh, let me clarify…I always practiced yoga till my 18th year…And then stopped because of hectic schedule and of course getting lazy. You have no idea how difficult it is to get up at 6’o clock in Bangalore. It’s very cold there.

That was the biggest mistake I have ever made regarding my health and body…I failed to recognize the tell tale symptoms of my thyroid issues which started developing because of my incomplete diet. It was after I came in my 20th year that I started gaining and loosing in a matter of days and my periods got very irregular (believe me…I was always on date. It’s a matter of pride for me.). I developed deep hyper pigmentation due to my internal bad health. I had immunity issues as well, which started making me weak.

That’s when I resolved to get back to yoga. I searched and got trained in a short yoga session which helped me get me back to my regularity within 3 months.  I started losing inches and lbs and still is. Now, after 8 months…I am back to how I was when I was 16years old. Isn’t every girl’s dream to be sixteen forever. I am so happy that I am able to maintain that figure and health of my body that I was proud of in school days. My skin is going back to normal now that I got my health back. I lost 13 kg in 8 months. I think that’s a score to be proud of.  Don’t believe in losing too much weight too quickly. Slow and steady wins the race.

Different Types Of Yoga

One thing that I observed was, I never gained weight again in these eight months. Not even when I had to skip my yoga because of travelling. I always had my mouth under control in case of temptations. How many of you had stretch marks developed as you lost weight…? Now that’s a gift yoga gave me…No stretch marks anywhere and my skin is at its best right now. New ones I mean. I had a few from before which reduced, in fact, after I started working on yoga again. If you have stretch marks, read the answer to your queries here.

Yoga was the best thing that ever happened to my body and still is. I believe in yoga more than any form of workouts. Women are made to be soft, curvy, elegant and beautiful and yoga is something that will get you all those. I follow this advice (given to me by meeeeee…) to the heart. If you want a fail safe way to be healthy, never gain weight you lost already, never have a sore muscle day, never get a mark on your body and beautifully glowing health then yoga is your answer !


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