How To Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating?

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Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating

Is keeping the excess weight off a struggle? Are you finding the typical weight loss methods difficult to follow? If you want long-term weight loss, you need to try out intuitive eating.

With Intuitive eating the focus is on needs and preferences instead of restricting carbs or counting calories. It is all about finding your comfort zone and follow a lifestyle that keeps you healthy.

With intuitive eating, you will:

  • Change your habits the natural way and move towards healthier meals.
  • You will pay attention to how some foods make you feel and that will help in improving your food choices. You will chuck out foods that make you feel bloated or sluggish by yourself.
  • The main aim is to keep your approach to weight loss flexible so that you don’t feel restricted in any way.

If you are wondering how you can strengthen your intuition with regard to food, keep reading!

1) Be seated while eating and eat mindfully

Mindful eating refers to thinking of the present moment as you eat and having a connection with your food. Mindful eating involves eating your food slowly while chewing it properly. You need to enjoy the texture and the flavours of the food and it will increase your interest in what you eat a notch higher.

2) Set aside time for yourself

You can make an attempt at improving your eating habits by setting aside some time for yourself. It is quite common for people to reach out for food when they are stressed or bored. You can swap food for meaningful activities like having a warm bath, going out for a stroll or simply talking to a friend.

3) Just trust your instinct

There are high chances of overruling your instinct. Unhealthy habits are there everywhere around you. You can find loads of junk food in the aisles of supermarkets and unhealthy food trends being mentioned by people you follow on social media. All put together can have a huge impact on your decisions, especially that of health and well-being. There are a lot of things that can distract you. However, you are no one’s slave. You can decide how you want your life to be by recognizing things that are not going to help you in your journey to good health. Find ways of including healthy habits and the first thing you need to do is to take a break from social media and think about making healthy lifestyle choices.

With a strengthened intuition, you would know what your body need and what is the best for it to function right. For good results, there is a need of being consistent. If you are focused, you can easily strengthen your intuition and lose weight. What you need to keep in mind is that this won’t happen overnight, you will need to be patient. Only then the results will be the way you want them to be.

The advice ends here and your job starts! Just go ahead and try your hand at intuition eating!

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