iPhone 6 Health App-Features You Could Never Imagine!


iPhone 6 Health App-Features You Could Never Imagine

Heya People,

Finally the big day has arrived and Apple has launched much raved iPhone 6 today.I am not a die hard Apple fan but I do own an iPhone and iPod out of coincidence. I did own an Apple Macbook 3 years back(again coincidence) and now back with yukky Windows, aaargh 🙁
Ok, enough of cribbing ! I am excited about iPhone6 for one sole reason – the app called ‘Health’.

Now you don’t need to sell your kidney to buy iPhone 6 for the app 😛 (Yes I did hear few people doing so, sigh). You just need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 8 operating system, and use the app, yayyyy 🙂 . This saves me money and I can use ‘Health’ on my phone without selling my kidney or going bankrupt 😛

Health app will input a person’s basic information like date of birth. It will also collect information from other apps ike Nike+ which is available on iPods. These will include heart rate, footsteps, sleep  information , water intake from other apps that can sync with Health app. In short, Health will spy all your apps 😉

iPhone 6 Health App

iPhone 6 Health App-Features You Could Never Imagine

Apple believes that this health app can revolutionize health industry. It will integrate with health portals like MyChart which is used by millions of people. In the near future, Apple will alliance with a lot of healthcare players to seamlessly share data.

Doctor at a finger touch !

Apple has partnered with Mayo clinic. The health app will sync with other apps and can interpret if your blood pressure or heart rate is not normal. A doctor then can contact you and recommend you treatment. Now this is a beginning of a breakthrough !


The Health app has a dashboard that organizes your health data in useful categories like nutrition, sleep, fitness, medicines etc.

Step counter 

iPhone 5s came with a motion processor. iPhone 6 also has one, which can be accessed by Health app. iPhone 6 , with the help of this health app can measure or count your steps. You can log number of steps or distance traveled. You can also sort your steps week , day or month wise – woah that’s marvelous !

Caffeine Tracker

Now you won’t be able to go overboard with tea or coffee. The Caffeine tab will track how much caffeine you consumed. If you have other apps where you log food information, health app will take your inputs from there. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter information in the health app.

Emergency contacts and Medical ID

There is a Medical ID feature which stores critical health information like your blood group, allergies or past medical issues.  The emergency contacts listed in Medical ID , are accessible from iPhone’s locked screen. Hence calling emergency contacts is way easier !

Self adjusting apps

The health app is one step smarter than other apps. I log my food in myfitnesspal app. If I overeat, this app does not adjust my goals for the enxt day and for the rest of the week. Health app can adjust workout routine and target calories for the next day, depending on current day’s food intake and calories burnt. How cool is that <3 !

I will definitely upgrade my iPhone to iOS 8 and may be iPhone 6 too(only in case of coincidence 😉 )  . What about you?



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