Is An Hour Of Exercise Enough?


Is An Hour Of Exercise Enough?

one hour exerciseHi Guys! How are you all??

Today let’s talk about why your exercise might not be enough for you to lose weight, yes you read that that, exercise is not enough.

With the modern ways of working we end up spending most of our time in front of the PC or in my case the Lappy :p But then we pacify ourselves with the “ I got to the gym for an hour!” or “ I have joined Zumba, it’s an hours session but it’s oh so good!” With dialogues as such we munch on some “healthy snacks” at our office, coz at 4 pm there no saying no to the chai and pakoda (healthy people like us munch on bhel of course) But then, we still don’t see much change in our bodies, we may be losing weight but our waist size seems to have frozen, or the hip size won’t bulge no matter how many donkey kicks we do. Why do you think this happens? We are working out, religiously… eating healthy, still the fats in certain areas in our body seem to mock us! Then comes the plateau period and all, we nearly give up. Vicious cycle I tell you!

Is there any solution?

The solution you ask? Well, here is my take on it, we as humans are designed to work constantly and our body is meant to move (a lot). It’s a machine, you cannot expect it to burn fats on its own without any help from the muscles. We need to burn all those extra calories we are eating. One hour of cardio will burn around 300-400 calories. Remember whatever you burn you must ultimately be eating nothing less than 1200 calories, lower than that you are doing more harm than any good for yourselves. Eating healthy is ensuring that the amount of carbs and fats that goes inside you is restricted and thus you shouldn’t have to bother, but really? Do you know having a fruit on a full stomach is nothing but sugar for the body? Eating healthy and pacifying yourself that you are eating healthy are two different things.

one hour exercise eat active

You need to move around more to burn the fats. The metabolism stays healthy only if you keep it going. Now, would you eat all of the days food in one go? Like breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once? No right, you break into three meals, that’s how exercise works, just an hour of exercise is like one meal. Just like you cannot eat just one meal per day, one hour of exercise a day isn’t enough. Now you get it! See we humans can understand better with food :p The only way to enjoy overall fitness is to move about a lot. An example would be,

  • Have breakfast and wash the plates and utensils you just used,

  • Have lunch and dust the house,

  • Evening go for a walk,

  • After dinner do some house work that needs attention

Working folks, don’t worry, you can do something like this too

  • Have breakfast and try to take a mode of transport that demands some physical activity, like walking to the bus stop, climbing the platform stairs.

  • After lunch walk for 15 mins with your friends/colleagues around the office building (that was our gossip time!)

  • After snacks just do some squats near your cubicle or the washroom

  • And dinner, that can be same as above.

one hour exercise family

You see, it’s not that difficult once you get on it. If this doesn’t motivate you enough, here is a new study that says sitting for long hours is more harmful than smoking! Sitting causes more fats to accumulate on the tummy and hips section, thus leading to cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. Never gave it much thought did you?

one hour exercise duty

Thus the way to complete fitness is not just an hour of exercise, and by the way, I had stopped going to gym due to erratic classes schedule for like 3 months, no fitness activity except may be some walking here and there, my tummy and hips are worst affected, my tees just don’t look so good, that in 3 months! So please you guys take care and be active no matter what. Coz no activity is really harmful, more than we can imagine.

This is Pooja, signing off!

Do you think an hour of exercise is enough for you?

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