Is Belly Dancing Good For Weight Loss?


Is Belly Dancing Good For Weight Loss?

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You don’t know how fun it is until you try it. Aiming to knock a few pounds off? Try belly dancing. It is absolute perfection if you want to burn calories while swaying those hips and making your belly move. Belly dancing is now considered as a latest addition to aerobic exercises. This type of dancing performed at extended periods of time wherein oxygen is used to burn the fats makes it an aerobic exercise. People should have fun with their workouts and develop habits that will become part of their lifestyle. This is why belly dancing is the way to a fit and fun you.

It is a growing phenomenon and an impressive way to burn calories. If done right, one can burn about 250-300 calories per hour. Though the weight-loss benefits of belly-dancing depend on several factors such as the frequency and length of your workouts and also your exertion level. It also depends on your effort, weight, performance and gender.


Belly-dancing classes include swaying dance moves choreographed to music which can either be slow or fast-paced and energetic routines that can provide a cardiovascular workout. For maximum benefits you can combine frequent and vigorous belly dancing workouts.

Along with weight loss there are other fitness benefits too. Some of them are improved flexibility, better coordination and body core balance, improvement in your body posture. Belly dancing also helps to tone muscles in your arms, legs, back and abdominal area. It is a great workout for all your abdominal muscles and thus will help them get stronger. Most of the women have a fat deposition on their lower body, especially belly and hip. Getting involved in belly dance is best to get away the fat on your hips, legs and most importantly belly.belly danceContrary to popular opinion, belly dancing does not obligate women to bare their midriffs in front of an audience. The only wardrobe requirement is clothing in which you feel comfortable and can move freely.

It is advisable to choose a routine which encourages continuous movement, and incorporates traveling steps whenever possible. Also, a three-times-weekly workout of at least 20 minutes per session is generally recommended.

Regularity is the key to have a successful belly dancing workout. Doing your belly dancing routine at home is proved to be more encouraging in your comfort zone.

belly dance stepsBelly dance can be done on any movie songs but drum solos are mostly used.

Now that you’re aware of this workout, you should be pumped up to join a belly dance class.

Are you ready for Belly Dancing?

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