Is Bread Really Bad For You?


Is Bread Really Bad For You?

Hello everybody!!

How are you all? Do you love your sandwiches? Then perhaps it is going to be hard for you to accept this fact. It was hard for me too because I like cheese toasts a lot. We all know that white bread is bad, so we have replaced it with whole grain bread. Are you aware of the fact that even your whole grain bread is not healthy? I was myself a bit taken aback when I came to know about this.

Is Bread Really Bad For You?

Is Bread Really Bad For You?

And the reply is .. “Yes”

Bread is known to spike blood sugar levels as it is high in carbs

Whole grain bread is made out of whole grains that are ground to fine flour. The nutrients may remain intact but such stuff gets swiftly digested .

The starches in bread get quickly digested and glucose enters the bloodstream. This results in a rapid increase in the blood sugar levels. As a result of that insulin levels also rise. Later the level of blood sugar comes down quickly and that makes you hungry, craving for another snack that is high in carbs.

In a nutshell it is a roller coaster ride for your blood sugar!!!! Having high blood sugar levels can be a cause of ageing in humans.

The ‘gluten factor’ found in bread

Yes, bread has gluten in it, and that too lots of it. When the flour is kneaded into a dough, the elasticity to the dough is given by gluten. It is a protein found in wheat and other certain grains. The number of people with gluten sensitivity is rising worldwide.  People with such a problem (gluten sensitivity) should not eat gluten because it affects their digestive tract. Read more about gluten here.

Bread has substances that can harm you

The harmful substances found in bread are:

  • Sugar/ high fructose corn syrup – You know it is bad for you. Just like other processed stuff bread contains either sugar or corn syrup. Both are detrimental to human health.
  • Phytic acid – This prevents minerals like calcium, iron and zinc from getting absorbed by the body. The acid can be degraded if the grains are soaked before baking the bread.

Bread has low nutrients to offer

When compared to real food, commercially processed bread has a really low amount of nutrients to offer. While talking about ‘real food’ I am talking about vegetables and fruits. Grains in general are a ‘not so good’ source of protein. It prevents the body from absorption of minerals from other real food sources. Thanks to the phytic acid present.

Whole wheat bread is a less unhealthy cousin of refined wheat bread

Brown bread doesn’t qualify as ‘healthy’. They are known to contain more nutrients and fiber. They are just less unhealthy than white bread. Even if it is soaked before being baked like how I had mentioned above, it is still a little less unhealthy than refined wheat bread.

What is the way out?

If you want to lose weight or are suffering from gluten sensitivity, you need to stop consuming bread. I know it may sound hard and difficult but it is for your own good. You can bake grain free healthy bread, recipe here.

grain free bread

So people, bread available in the market are unhealthy, choose your food wisely.

Stay fit and be happy!!

Let us know! Will you stop consuming bread? Will you bake your own bread?