Is Brown Food Healthy? Myth Busted!


Is Brown Food Healthy? Myth Busted!

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As the saying goes-‘Looks can deceive’, don’t get carried away by the colour of food, at least not in the case of brown food. The belief that brown food is healthy is a myth and let us delve in deeper.

Brown bread

bread brown vs whole

If you feel that brown bread is a healthier option to the white counterpart, you are mistaken! The fluffy brown bread you get in the market is just the regular brown bread that has got a suntan 😛 Bread manufacturers use colouring agents for the brown colour and sprinkle fibre flakes in order to get the specks in the bread. So, you may call it white bread in disguise. The sad part is that a lot of people are unaware of this fact and are eating brown bread thinking that it is healthy.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar - are brown foods healthy

Sugar is a demon but don’t be under the impression that brown sugar is not. Let me tell you what it is! The usual brown sugar is the white sugar that is ground a little less fine. After the sugar is processed and refined, molasses is added back in order to give the brown colour, caramel like sticky texture. So, this cousin of the evil white sugar is not a saint!

Are you aware that sugar can be more addictive than the drug cocaine? No wonder you are tempted to have some. Now, what to do of the sugar cravings that you get? There are a lot of people who have a sweet tooth. For them it would be be wiser if they stick to other natural sweeteners like stevia. You can read more about stevia here- click!

Brown eggs

eggs nutritious weight loss

Eggs of hens are usually white in colour. So how are brown eggs made? Well, that is simple, the eggs are obtained from the types of hens that lay brown coloured eggs. But mind you, the colour of the eggs has nothing to do with their health benefits or price. Brown eggs are expensive because of their size, they are larger than the white ones. That is all!

It isn’t the shell of the egg that matters. What really matters is what is inside. Just like us humans, the external skin colour doesn’t matter, what matters what we are from inside! Nope I am not getting into any philosophy here 😛 Let us get back to the egg! What is inside the egg can be determined by the way the hen lived. Was she left free to roam in the fields and get to eat her grubs under the sun or was she caged, fed grains and antibiotics. You can determine the strength of the egg not from the egg shell’s colour but from its firmness and the colour of the yolk. The more vibrant the colour of the yolk, the better it is.

A lot of people these days are buying eggs these days from farms where the hens get ample sunshine and space to roam around. A healthy egg is the one that is laid by a healthy hen and the health of the hen is in the hands of the farmers.

So, I guess this post shows you that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! What we need is least processed food that is healthy!

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