Is Caramel Bad For Health? Find Out!


Is Caramel Bad For Health? Find Out!

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Do you enjoy a cube of melt-in-mouth caramel or relish it as a topping on your ice-cream? It is quite easy to keep indulging in the sweet treat now and then. It is so yummy after all. While having caramel occasionally in your pudding or cake won’t be a big issue but eating caramel regularly is not good for you at all. This is because caramel is basically made up of sugar and having too much sugar in your food can affect your overall health adversely.

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Excess of sugar in caramel

The primary drawback in caramel is the sugar it contains. The sugar in caramel is added sugar. A single piece of caramel candy has 6.6 g of added sugar and that would be about one and a half teaspoon of sugar. Caramel syrup on your ice cream has 27 g of sugar in just 2 drizzles and that equals 7 teaspoons of sugar!!! You love caramel flavoured popcorn at the movie theatre?? Well, that is not good for you either. Added sugar is never good for your health! Do you know that is is recommended that women should not have more than 6 teaspoons of sugar in a day and men should not have more than 9. However, on our blog we always say that you should reduce added sugar consumption as much as you can.

Rise in triglyceride levels

Regular consumption of too much sugar can result in the rise in the triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a kind of fat that float through the bloodstream. When the level of triglyceride is too high in your body, it can increase the risk of heart disease. The Harvard medical School says that a 200 mg per deciliter of triglycerides is the right level. Triglyceride levels can be reduced when you cut back on your sugar consumption. This will keep your heart healthy. Caramel candies are also known to contain saturated fat in small amounts, which tend to raise your triglyceride level and your risk of heart disease.

Affects your teeth

According to the American dental association, sugar tends to coat your teeth and this encourages the growth of bacteria. The bacteria increase acids and they target teeth that cause tooth decay. Tooth decay can be caused due to sugary foods of any kind but sticky candies are one of the worst foods when you talk of oral health. It is difficult to whisk off sticky caramel candies and toppings from your teeth when you drink water or by the saliva in the mouth. This clearly means that the more the bacteria and acids grow, the more the trouble for your oral health. So, to protect your teeth form decay, you must limit the intake of sugary and sticky foods.

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Weight gain issues

Making caramel a regular part of our diet is dangerous especially if you are already on the heavier side. Caramel is high in calories and if taken regularly can result in unhealthy weight gain. It is the added sugar in caramel that is the culprit. Also, you don’t get essential minerals and vitamins in return and this makes caramel nothing but empty calories. Consuming too much of caramel leaves less room in your belly for nutrient packed stuff and this could lead to deficiencies. Although caramel has tiny amounts of calcium and potassium, the treat is not healthy in any way.

Will you still eat caramel?

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