Is Coconut Oil Good For Diabetics?

Why is Coconut Oil Good For you?

Is Coconut Oil Good For Diabetics? Find Out!

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Do you cook your food in coconut oil? Everyone, including the West knows that coconut oil has a lot of health benefits to offer. However, it has always been flaked in the diabetes world. Most people feel that use of olive oil is more advisable to help in dealing with the 2 major diabetic concerns namely lowering sugar levels of the blood and managing weight.


However, some nutritionists are of the opinion that coconut oil is great for those with diabetes too. The oil has antioxidants in it and contains medium chain triaglycerols that help in boosting digestion and managing weight in diabetics. Coconut oil is also capable of improving insulin sensitivity in those having diabetes.

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Why is coconut oil good for diabetics?

Keep reading till the end to find out whether sufficient evidence exists to prove that coconut oil is good for diabetes or not!

It aids digestion

Diabetes has an impact on almost every major bodily organ, including the liver that secretes bile and other digestive juices. When you have a poor liver function, there can be a sluggish digestion. This means that high fat foods will take a longer time in getting digested and this affects metabolism causing weight gain. On the other hand, coconut oil is a medium-chain-triacylglycerol which is easier to break down and digest unlike other oils that are long-chain-triacylglycerols. Thus, consuming coconut oil helps in keeping blood sugar in check. That is great for diabetics!

It helps managing weight

constipation and weight loss

According to studies, medium-chain-triacylglycerols oils help in fat loss as well as weight management. An experiment was conducted where 49 overweight men and women between the age of 19 and 50 were separated into 2 groups. One group was asked to consume olive oil and the other medium-chain-triacylglycerol containing oils for their weight loss program. It was found that the group of people who lost more fat was the one who were on medium-chain-triacylglycerols oils. This shows that coconut oil, which is also a medium-chain-triacylglycerol oil, can help in managing weight and losing fat when consumed by diabetics. This helps in managing diabetes better as the blood sugar is also lowered down.

It helps in controlling cholesterol

In another study, women with a waistline more than 88 cm were asked to consume coconut oil and it was found that doing so increased their good cholesterol or HDL and decreased their bad cholesterol or LDL. The 12 week study had 40 women participants between the age 20 and 40. In order to assess better, the women got split into two groups. One group was asked to consume soya oil whereas the other was given coconut oil. The group that was on coconut oil witnessed a reduction in total cholesterol levels and abdominal fat. Thus, it can now be safely said that coconut oil helps in controlling cholesterol levels of diabetics.

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