Is Coffee Or Tea, Your First Thing In The Morning?

hot tea in summers

Since a few days , I started having tea as soon as I get up in the morning. Perhaps I needed a kick to get set and go.

Morning caffeine felt somewhat cleansing too. A few minutes after having a cup of tea, I always needed a biological break. Who won’t like to start the day feeling light and clean ?

A cup of tea in a beautiful morning seems like a bliss always. I felt my tea gave me instant shot of energy and I feel like winning the world :P.

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After a few hours, i felt all my energy vanished ! I could not understand what’s happening. Then, I left my morning tea and had half a litre of water, enjoyed looking at the clear sky munching on almonds. I felt a difference ! My energy levels did not change. I somehow guessed its because of no tea in the morning.

I researched how coffee or tea affects empty stomach.

Coffee gives an instant shot of energy. In fact, Coffee stimulates adrenals and creates an illusion of energy. You might feel hyperactive till some time. When the illusion of energy vanishes, you tend to collapse or feel weak. Coffee contains caffeine and volatile oils which can harm your stomach and intestines. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid in huge amounts when you drink it. The production of this acid increases if you drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Tea contains less caffeine than coffee but since I don’t drink coffee, the caffeine in tea is enough for me to realize the effects of caffeine on empty stomach. Caffeine affects empty stomach a lot more than a nourished stomach.

Hence, morning is the worst time for drinking tea or coffee. When you get up, drink 2 glasses of water. Have almonds and walnuts soaked overnight. After breakfast, enjoy your cup of tea or coffee 🙂 !

Please drop in comments to let us know first thing you eat/drink in the morning.

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  1. Haha! Well, I have neither tea nor coffee…I’d rather have a cp of milk tho 🙂

    But these days I’ve bin toying wid the idea f tryin diff types of many flavoured ones r comin into the market n it’s quite tempting..

    • Try chamonile tea , its good.
      Zee, Organic India is one company which brings lots of flavored tea. I have used almost all. Try them 🙂

  2. I start my day with almond and aloevera juice followed by tea..also ,there are people who are addicted to their morning cup of tea or coffee..What do you have to say about that..? Why it is so addictive?

  3. If we have some important questions then we can but i would really like to some good questions and not some which are done for the heck of it.

    • Yep :). I don’t know if its a great idea to start posting our weight loss progress every week or our daily diet , to keep us motivated. Perhaps, others will be able to contribute and help someway.

  4. my day starts with 1-2 liters water, thn brisk walk for 10 min, followed by biological break, thn pecans and almonds, 1 cup orange or cranberry juice, after half n hr 2 bread slices with nutella, i knw nutella is not good, but cant stop, looking for other options, i hope u ppl vl post some interesting and easy low fat recipes for breakfast 🙂

  5. canned juice 🙁 no time for fresh juice, i eat whole wheat brown bread, some times honey wheat bread and some time oats bread

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