Is Coke Zero Better Than Diet Coke?


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Is Coke Zero better than Diet Coke?

Hello All!!

Finally, Coke Zero has come to India!! It said to be the next step after Diet Coke that has been around for too long. Do you feel this drink is worth welcoming? Well, let us compare Coke Zero and Diet Coke and find out for ourselves!

Let me quickly tell you the facts,

Coke Zero is also a low calorie drink like Diet Coke, but the former is closer to the original coke when it comes to taste. Zero has a different flavoured base and that is caramel!

The calories-100 ml of Diet Coke has 0.2 calories whereas Coke Zero has 0.3 calories.

Both the drinks don’t use sugar for sweetness. Instead of sugar a combination of artificial sweeteners namely aspartame and acesulfame potassium are used.

Are artificial sweeteners any good?

dangers of aspartame

Not really! If you have been reading this blog for a while you would know that artificial sweeteners like aspartame are no good! Aspartame is a big time trouble maker when it comes to health.

In a scientific journal it was published that artificial sweeteners are linked with obesity and various other health issues. OMG! What an irony! People take artificial sweeteners to lose weight and here is a report telling us that it can lead to obesity! The study says that while aspartame may not be bad for humans directly, it adversely affects the stomach bacteria and this can make the microbes affect the host (that is you!!).

Studies have been conducted on the negative effects of artificial sweeteners, but they have not been able to prove its negative impact in a conclusive manner. It has been regarded as safe by the big authorities like FAO/WHO. While the scientific community may not entirely concur with each other, the consumers have the following attitude: ‘aspartame may not be good for health, but it is not as bad as one thought’.

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

What the medical fraternity have to say?

According to a doctor at Moolchand Hospital in New Delhi, consuming aspartame in large quantities can cause nausea, headache and neurological problems. Doctors also say that the consumers should be worried about the levels of phosphoric acid, caffeine and sodium also in the coke. These can negatively impact bone health and can cause dehydration. People are also being advised to avoid artificial sweeteners and go in for stevia, which is a naturally occurring sweetener (herbal). Yay! We always recommend using stevia on our blog and even to our IWB Weight Loss Program Clients! Now even doctors are prescribing the same! 🙂 Another good news, Coke has started their range of soda with stevia but that has not hit Indian shores yet.

Coke Zero vs diet Coke

It is further being said that regular colas should be avoided by those who suffer from the following:

For such people, diet colas are a replacement. (If you can’t live without coke :P)

Whatever it may be, ultimately, both Diet Coke and Coke Zero are processed drinks that have chemical additives and preservatives in them. The calories in both are zero but the nutrients are also missing. You just get taste and nothing beyond that, no vitamins or minerals.

Cola maniac urbanites, who are also health conscious may go in for Coke Zero. If you are one among those then don’t forget that you should indulge only in moderation. Don’t know when people will realise that there is nothing like natural food! Talking about natural drinks, tender coconut water, buttermilk are welcome anytime!

Getting your hands on Coke Zero soon?

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