Is It Healthy To Follow An Ultra Low Fat Diet? Find Out!


Is It Healthy To Follow An Ultra Low Fat Diet? Find Out!

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Have you ever heard about the Ultra low fat diet? The ultra low fat diet is a very low fat diet that has only 10% or less calories from fat. The diet is very high in carbs (80% of the calories are from carbs) and low in protein (10% of the calories are from protein).

Low fat diet

The ultra low fat diet is chiefly plant based with limited intake of meat, full fat dairy and eggs. The diet also limits healthy high-fat plant foods such as extra virgin olive oil, avocados and nuts. This can be an matter of concern as we need fat for several bodily functions. Fat is the main source of calories and it helps in building cell membranes, secreting hormones, absorbing fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K.

Also, fat is what makes the food taste good. A diet low in fat isn’t as pleasurable as a diet that allows moderate to high amounts of fat.

However, studies have shown that an ultra low-fat diet may have lot of benefits against many serious diseases that include heart disease, obesity, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Below is the summary of results of the studies.

Heart disease

heart health

Studies reveal that an ultra low-fat diet helps in improving the risk factors for heart disease and they are mentioned below:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Increased inflammation

In a study of 198 people with heart disease, it was found that out of all those who followed the diet, only one individual experienced a stroke. 62% of those who didn’t follow the diet happened to suffer from a cardiac event.

Type 2 diabetes

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Many studies have found that ultra low fat and high carb diet can result in the improvement in those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. When on a rice diet, diabetics did pretty well. In one study 63 out of 100 patients decreased the levels of their fasting blood sugar. 72 people who were insulin dependent were able to reduce or stop their insulin therapy after the study. In another study, it was found that a very low-fat diet is also beneficial for those who are not dependent on insulin.


Obese woman

Obese people are said to be benefitted by eating a very low fat diet. Rice diet was used by Walter Kempner for treating obese patients. In his studies he found that on an average, massively obese patients lost 140 pounds!

Multiple Sclerosis

Brain How digestion is affected by stress

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. It affects the brain, spinal cord and nerves of the eyes. An ultra low-fat diet can benefit people suffering from this disease. Studies say that a very low fat diet slowed down the progression of this disease.

What makes ultra low-fat diets work?

Well, what makes this diet work is not well known. Some people say that blood pressure lowering effects might not even be linked to consuming a low fat diet. Take rice diet for instance, it is one which has low sodium in it.

Moreover, the diet is rather too bland and monotonous with a low food reward value. This is probably the reason behind making the participants reduce their caloric intake unintentionally.

Reducing calories has major benefits on weight as well as on metabolic health, regardless of the fact that you are cutting carbs or fat.

In spite of being high in carbs, ultra low fat diets help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar in certain people.

The bottom line

An ultra low-fat diet may be helpful in treating certain serious diseases but in the long run, sticking to such a strict diet is really hard. The diet lacks variety and is not enjoyable. It will make you limit consumption of healthy food such as fatty fish, meat, nuts, eggs, full-fat dairy and olive oil.

While studies show that this diet benefits people with serious health issues, it is not likely to be embraced by all.

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