Is Military Diet A Fad Diet?


Is Military Diet A Fad Diet

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‘The Military Diet’- sounds intriguing, right? It is a quick weight loss program called the ‘3 day diet’ too. It has become immensely popular! It claims to help you lose 10 pounds (5 kgs) a week or 30 pounds (15 kgs) a month by eating vanilla ice-cream! Dream come true? Well, hold on, there is a catch. Read on to find out more!


The Military Diet- What is it all about?

The Military diet has no link with the military. Their diet website claims that-

It is a combination of low calorie, chemically compatible foods designed to work together and jump start your weight loss.

The above claims may sound enticing but it all is a marketing gimmick. There are no studies or science to prove that the claims made by their website are true! If that is so, why is the diet so popular? Well, no clue!

Does the diet work?

military diet plan

Well, in the beginning itself it should be disclosed that this diet doesn’t work. Even if you lose weight initially, you will end up putting on more weight after you finish the diet. Here is why the diet doesn’t work-

You don’t have off days

Don’t get carried away by the name ’3 day diet’. This diet definitely doesn’t take just 3 days to help you lose weight. This plan wants you to diet all the time for a whole month. You have to be on the diet for 3 days and stay 4 days off. But here is an extract from the site about the ‘off’ days:

“On the four days off, we recommend a diet of about 1300 – 1500 calories per day, made of up lean protein, veggies and easy on the carbs.”

Anyone who can count calories to eat the right quantity of lean protein and the right number of carbs and veggies does not require any new diet. They should probably stick to the current diet as they are on the right path already! So, what is the point of this so called military diet?

signs of a fad diet

Foods suggested may cause weight gain

You will regain all the lost kilos because the military diet teaches you to eat foods that result in weight gain such as ice-cream and hot dogs.

The diet is all about calorie counting

The diet is no different from any other plan that makes you record the number of calories you consume. On the 3 ‘on’ days the calories are counted if you happen to eat the bizarre combination of foods they suggest. If you swap their food for something else, you need to count the calories and measure the food. You are also asked to count the calories on the ‘off’ days.

The diet doesn’t seem natural

The diet claims to be the best natural diet and ask the dieters to avoid artificial sweeteners but on the other hand they ask to include foods like processed treats and hot dogs and there is nothing natural in them. So, this military diet is not a natural diet at all.

You lose water weight

The diet claims that when a dieter loses weight it is not just water weight. But they don’t have a solid scientific backing to prove their point. Generally speaking, if you lose weight quickly, it is water weight.

So, that was a sneak peek into this diet! It is better to stay away from such false claims. After all health is wealth and you can’t take risks.

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