Is Mobile Phone Radiation Really Harmful?


Is Mobile Phone Radiation Really Harmful?

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Mobile radiation-is it something you need to worry about? Well read on to find that out!

What is radiation?

Instead of getting deep into the kinds of radiation and the physics of atoms and protons, let us keep it simple. You can call radiation as an energy that travels through space as waves or particles. It is all around you and occurs by nature. We have evolved with radiation and are exposed to some form or the other of it in our daily lives from the space or from the inside of our own bodies!

Radiation and the mobile connection

woman on mobile- negative effects of mobiles

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation. It is present in mobiles because they use radio frequency waves in order to make and receive calls. However, the doses are quite small as the emissions are that of low power

Health risks involved

Extensive research has been done on the subject of mobile phone radiation but there is no solid evidence that mobile phone can cause harmful effects in humans.

The truth is that mobile phone technology is advancing at a quicker pace than the pace of the research required to find out the potential harm it can cause. Therefore, a lot more research is needed before we come to know about the exact effects mobile technology has on human health.

Whatever it may be, mobiles emit low levels of radiation and common sense says that we should take precautions.

Negative effects of mobiles

Here is what studies have to say regarding exposure to radio frequency or RF waves from mobile phones:

1) When you use the mobile phone, there is a slightly raised blood pressure but it returns to normal once you stop using it. But are you aware that our blood pressure keeps changing throughout the day and can get affected by tasks like speaking.

2) Prolonged use causes direct brain warming. However, it disperses as soon as you stop using the phone and doesn’t cause any harm.

3) Prolonged usage can result in a mild fatigue.

4) Benign tumours are two times more common in mobile phone users than those who don’t use mobiles.

However, there is no solid evidence that mobile phones cause:

  • Tumours
  • Cancer
  • Memory impairment
  • Foetal damage
  • Brain damage

It is enough to put to rest the common rumours! The health risk involved is very small but some individuals can be more susceptible to radiation than others. While it is true that RF waves generate heat but the claim that people were able to cook an egg with a mobile phone is totally untrue.

Woman using phone-Ways To Stop Getting Distracted By Mobile Phones

Reducing exposure

You can reduce the levels of radiation you are exposed to by taking certain precautions.

1) Keeping your phone 20 cms away from your head reduces radiation by 98%. So, keep your phone on the bed side table and not under your pillow when you sleep at night.

2) Using hands free headsets dramatically reduce the radiation into the brain. It is for those who keep chatting for hours.

3) There are devices in the market that you can attach to your phone in order to neutralize the effects of radiations. However, some companies use over-hyped scare tactics to sell their products. Don’t fall for that.

4) Keep children away from the mobile phones as their brain and bodies are developing and are more susceptible to radiation than adults. They absorb radiation 3 times more than an adult.

Hope you found this post useful!

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