Is Moderation Disastrous For Weight Loss?


Is Moderation Disastrous For Weight Loss?

moderationThe time when I started my weight loss journey and went on a Ketogenic Diet, I was stopped by everyone. What I was hearing from all was, “Eat everything in moderation”. I was there losing a lot of weight and listening as well as avoiding everyone’s advice that if I don’t eat everything in moderation then I will soon fail in my effort as when I will start eating back normal foods I am surely going to gain back all the weight I shed.

I was confused but firm, thus survived all this advisory about moderation. I lost 30 kilos of my weight. BUT now comes a twist in my story…. I was maintaining well when I decided to experiment on myself and start eating everything in moderation. Aaanddd…. ‘Booooom’ came the weight gain… not a bit here or there… but straight… 5 kilos… Now that got me thinking…. if it was the right thing to eat everything in moderation then why did I gain weight? Now today I am going to tell you all what I have understood about eating in moderation.

Eat everything in moderation

moderation pizzaThis is the most common diet advice even given by the experts. These people believe that depriving yourself leads to willpower depletion and the result is a rebound. That means that if you totally leave some food then you cave in and end up eating the double quantity leading to more weight gain than you lost earlier. According to the believers in this concept of moderation, unhealthy foods prove to be unhealthy if you eat them in excess as balance is key to lose weight. They suggest that one should eat anything and everything but in limited quantity.

The problem with me is that this moderation thing doesn’t work for me well. Once I taste my favourite food, then it becomes impossible for me to control my craving and I forget all about my weight loss effort.

Another thing that I have seen that most of the times we hardly realise what is keeping or making us fat like I have observed that wheat is what makes me fat along with sugar. Now how did I come to know about it is that when I decided to eat low carbohydrate diet, I stopped eating wheat in all forms which resulted in my getting rid of all of my health issues. My point here is that if we eat everything in moderation how will we come to know what is keeping us fat and in turn causing various ailments.

Chances are that this very moderation might be keeping you from achieving optimal health and weight goals. If any food is inflammatory in your body, like wheat, dairy, artificial sweeteners, then even a “moderate” amount of these foods will keep you sick. So think before munching on that one slice of cake or pizza, or that one spoon of sugar in your tea. That one small act of eating in moderation may lead you to feeling bad and depressed and leading you to overeating and weight gain.

Aah! yes what do you say about eating bread, noodles and diet sodas in moderation if without your knowing it, these foods prove to be making you unhealthy and fat? Tricky, yes that’s why I say that eating everything in moderation is a very dangerous strategy to follow.

Cravings and moderation

moderation disasterNext thing that I saw in me was that unless I stopped eating something totally, I was craving it all the more. If you don’t have a health condition or food sensitivity then chances are that you may feel more craving for the foods that can cause your doom. Moderation is not possible without a strong willpower. In today’s world where we are always looking for pleasure and comfort foods that give us instant gratification, is it that easy to resist temptations and eat in moderation?

The solution

moderation chocolateWell you are a blessed person if you can really stop at that one small cookie or a single cube of chocolate, but if you too are like me fighting temptations all the time and failing miserably then you need to try these solutions.

  1. Go in for mindful eating and try to find out which food makes you feel sick and uncomfortable. For me, wheat is that one culprit.
  2. Once you find it then you must make a smart choice to stay healthy by avoiding that particular food or food group.
  3. Eat your craved food as little and infrequently as possible, remember your aim is just to satisfy your craving not to make yourself sick.
  4. Finally, remember you are your master and no other thing can be your boss. So the key is a strong will power.

I have decided that since I already know what is the cause of my regaining the weight I am going to stop eating them at all because I have understood that eating in moderation is not for me as it is nothing else but a perfect recipe for disaster for my weight loss goals. And here I remember this quote which I actually believe in…

moderation and weight loss

Do you think moderation is the recipe for disaster?

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