Is Modern Wheat Unhealthy?


Is Modern Wheat Unhealthy?

We, Indians cannot imagine life without wheat. Food would be oooh so boring without roti, paranthas especially stuffed paranthas. Yummm! I am sure you would be by now drooling the way I am 😛  but the controversy says something else is modern wheat unhealthy?

The sad part of the story is that modern wheat is the most debatable food subject in the world right now. There are some people who call “whole wheat” a healthy and indispensable element of a balanced diet. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who term wheat as a slow poison that damages our bodies.

We have been consuming wheat for centuries or perhaps since the time humanity was born. Wheat is an inherent part of our diet. So what changed?

What made a good lot of the population overweight or obese?

What created so many lifestyle diseases like diabetes?

Will it make sense if I said Wheat is the culprit? The modern wheat that causes obesity and a lot of other lifestyle diseases are not the same as the old good wheat that our ancestors thrived on.

Is Modern Wheat Unhealthy?

Is Modern Wheat Unhealthy?

Bluntly, the answer is YES, in CAPS! Let’s see why!

Modern Wheat is Genetically Modified

Back in the past, we consumed wheat varieties like Einkorn, Emmer and Kamut. In the 1960s, wheat was made to crossbreed resulting in high yield dwarf wheat that we eat today. So, the wheat that we use is genetically modified.. meaning not natural!

Dwarf wheat obviously has a greater yield and is cheaper. Its nutrients also are different from those in good old wheat. Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium in Wheat have been continuously degrading year by year.

Modern Wheat is Processed, yes you read it right!

The agriculture and technology revolution affected grain processing also, not sure if in a better way ! It brought new techniques that made it possible to grow wheat in high yield for a low cost !

The wheat flour that we eat today, is bleached. No good old methods of soaking, sprouting and fermentation are used in today’s grain processing.

Modern Wheat Worsens Gluten Intolerance

Have you heard about gluten intolerance, read it here. When people with gluten intolerance eat wheat, the gut lining suffers and issues like inflammation and bad digestion become a daily chore! Modern wheat is the main reason why gluten intolerance has become a common disease! Today’s wheat has been found to affect cholesterol levels as well.

Its so sad that the feeling of eating health food while eating rotis is just a MYTH!


I know a lot of you would be shocked to know about modern wheat! I will be happy to answer your queries … as always!

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