Is Organic Food Just A Lucrative Trend?

organic food

Is Organic Food Just A Lucrative Trend?


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Let’s talk Organic Food….

We have heard a lot about Organic food? It is the biggest fad these days. In layman’s words, Organic food is the food produced by techniques used in organic farming, that means using natural manure, green manure, and bone meal instead of fertilizers and insecticides. It is referred to as “Organic” because the farm has to be perceived as a living organism itself. Weirdly interesting, isn’t it?

Organically produced foods are expensive when compared to other foods and that makes them superior to their non-organic counterparts? Indeed organic foods have some advantage which makes them a lucrative trend.

Organic Foods
Organic Foods

1) Nutrition:

Being highly nutritious, organic foods have been scientifically proven to provide a balanced concoction of various nutrients and minerals. Organic products provide 20 to 40 percent more antioxidants than normal non-organic products.

2) No harmful chemicals:

Organic foods are harnessed with the use of organic manure. It has been seen that the consumption of non-organic foods leads to a lot of harmful diseases such as skin cancer, mainly due to the chemicals present in them. On the other hand, organic foods are really good for your skin. They help prevent wrinkles and make your skin look healthy.


Organic foods

A conventionally grown apple may be sprayed up to 16 times with over 30 different chemicals. A lot of harmful chemicals together, yeah? 

Organic foods don’t even contain various hormonal-based drugs that may affect your growth and other metabolic processes.

3) It tastes really good!

As it is not genetically modified, the taste of organic food comes from its natural flavor, making it taste just as it actually should.

4) Environment safe:

As you might have noticed, there has been an uproar in the social media regarding environmental damage caused due to non-organic farming. All non-organic food items cause a lot of damage to the ecosystem due to the chemicals used to produce them. Food is a basic necessity and hence is grown on a humongous scale, so the implementation of organic farming will surely reduce the damage sustained by our environment considerably.

Organic farming doesn’t pollute the water bodies around hence safe for water life too. The use of fertilizers affects the water bodies as they release many harmful chemicals whose consumption leads to impotence in males and reduce the fertility in women. The chemicals are really harmful to the water life present due to the cadmium toxicity caused by fertilizers.

A fact:

Several studies in 2011 explained that pregnant women if given higher amounts of pesticides, which are used in conventional non-organic farming, ended up having children with lower IQs than those of their peers. Another reason to go organic!

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, here are some food items which contain a large number of artificial chemicals if processed in a non-organic manner and hence should be bought organic. These are Apples, Strawberries, Peaches, Spinach, Hot pepper, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Celery, and Grapes.

To sum it all up, organic products have a lot of advantages which helps in the overall development of our body and also is good for our environment. It is the long-term solution for most of our problems and is hence a lucrative trend.

Do you also feel that Organic Food is just a lucrative trend?

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