Is Palm Kernel Oil A Healthy Cooking Oil?


Is Palm Kernel Oil A Healthy Cooking Oil?

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Choosing oils for cooking is not an easy task! If you have just shifted to or are planning to shift to palm kernel oil then this post is for you!!

But, before jumping on to the benefits of palm kernel oil, let us known about this oil in brief.

Palm oil in the ingredients list of food products denotes palm kernel oil. There are two varieties of oils extracted from the palm plant. One is palm fruit oil which is reddish-orange in colour and has a peculiar taste. The other one is the palm kernel oil that is extracted from the nut of the palm plant and its colour is yellowish-white.


Let us have a look at palm kernel oil!

One benefit of kernel oil is that it solidifies at room temperature and thus can be swapped with trans fat containing hydrogenated oils. You know how bad trans fat are for your health, don’t you? It raises bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol leading to a lot of health problems.

Many of the processed food companies have begun using palm kernel oil in place of unhealthy hydrogenated oils.

Qualities of palm kernel oil that make it a much sought after cooking oil

  • The oil is a cholesterol free nut oil that provides the body with basic nutrients and is good for health.
  • As mentioned above, it is semi-solid at room temperature and doesn’t need hydrogenation. It can be used in the place of hydrogenated oils.
  • The oil is free of trans-fat. It is the perfect oil for cooking and baking needs.
  • Palm kernel oil is odorless and tasteless. This property of the oil is preferred by food companies as well as consumers.
  • It has a texture similar to that of hydrogenated oil so it is ideal for making cookies, pastries and crackers. It gives the food a longer shelf life just like how hydrogenated fat gives.

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Health benefits of palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil has loads of Tocotrienols

Palm kernel oil has lots of antioxidants in it. Study has shown that tocotrienols have the capability of reversing the blockage of arteries and platelet aggregation. This way it reduces the risks of stroke and heart disease. Tocotrienols also fight certain kinds of cancer. Palm kernel oil is known to increase good cholesterol more when compared to other saturated oils like coconut oil. So, this oil is known to promote cardiovascular health.

Palm kernel oil is healthy as it is trans fat free

As mentioned above palm kernel oil is free of trans-fat. It is known to have other fats, vitamins and nutrients but no trans fatty acids. Trans fat is the culprit behind blockage of arteries, cancer and other diseases. Trans fat containing hydrogenated oils are bad also because the process of hydrogenation produces carcinogens in them.

Presence of fat soluble vitamins makes it healthy

Palm oil is has loads of vitamin A which is quite effective as an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system of the body and reduces the risk of cancer, cataract, and heart disease. A deficiency of vitamin A can affect vision and can cause a number of health problems. Along with vitamin A, palm kernel oil is rich in vitamin E too. Compared to other vegetable oils, palm kernel oil has the maximum amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant and is capable of fighting free radicals.

Palm kernel oil has nutrients

The oil supplies fatty acids and important fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A,D,E and K. Fatty acids are the raw material that is needed to build cell membranes of cells in the body. Vitamins are needed by the body to stay healthy and function optimally.

You can get all the benefits of palm kernel oil just by using it in your cooking.

Are you going to use palm kernel oil for cooking?

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