Is Pickle Good For You?

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Is Pickle Good For You?

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This is going to be a real drool worthy post as it is something extremely close to my heart- ‘pickle’!!!! Okay, I am not the only one, I bet there are a lot of pickle lovers out there!

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Pickle or achaar as it is called in Hindi, is an integral part of the Indian diet. It is quite common to relish a dollop of pickle with almost every meal. It is a burst of sweet, sour and spicy flavours in the mouth. A total delight for foodies! The art of pickle making has been handed down from one generation to the other. However, from the health point of view is this habit taking a toll on your health? Do you need to shun the pickle completely? Well, let us find out, just read on!

fermented lemon pickle

According to an expert nutritionist, pickles are a wonderful accompaniment to your meal to in order to add some zing. But you also need to pay heed to the fact that pickles are usually high in salt, sugar and oil along with other spices. So, it isn’t a very good idea to include it in every meal. A normal, healthy person can have up to one teaspoon of pickle everyday but a person with health issues should limit the consumption to 1-2 times per week.

Who should avoid eating pickle?

Pickles should be avoided by those who are obese and those who suffer from a high blood pressure as pickle is high in salt. Consuming excess salt leads to high BP raised levels of cholesterol. The high oil content increases trigylcerides. Pickles that have sugar have to be avoided by diabetics. People with digestive issues like gastritis, acidity should avoid eating pickles.

Things to keep in mind

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If you make your own pickle at home, you can select veggies such as carrots, beet root and amla. You can also opt for dry pickles instead of oily ones. If you purchase the pickle from the market, check the label for the oil and salt content before purchasing it.

Homemade pickle is always the best option. If you don’t know how to make it, you better learn from your grandma. The advantage is that you have a control on the amount of oil and spices you add to it. You can make a number of healthy pickles using fruits and veggies.

Do you know that pickles have a higher amount of oil and salt content in order to preserve it a year long? If you are on a look out for a healthier version, try your hands on water based pickles with or pickles made with less amount of oil. They may not last for one year but will be healthy due to the fresh seasonal veggies you are going to add to them and also due to the less oil and salt content.

If you have no clue about making water pickles here is a mixed vegetable one for you!

Mixed vegetable water pickle

The pickle is quite a rage in Delhi during winters. It contains fresh winter veggies, fresh green garlic in a tangy water flavoured with mustard along with special winter carrots for that rich colour. Just one tbsp of oil is required for the pickles and there is no need to add oil to it. This makes it a healthy bet! You can store the pickle for a period of one month in the refrigerator.

The bottom line

Pickle isn’t bad for you if you eat the healthy water based version.

Hope you liked this post!

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