Is Polished Dal Unhealthy?


Is Polished Dal Unhealthy?

Hello All!!

What is Indian food without ‘dal’? We all eat dal at least once a day. Right from childhood I have been chided for not finishing my bowl of dal. The picky eater I was, only that used to work! (By the way, I am still a picky eater 😛 ). Now that I know how important dal is for me, I make it a point to eat adequate amounts of it. Moreover, I am a vegetarian so dal is the main source of protein for me. Let us know is polished dal unhealthy?

Enough about me, we’ll talk about the dal now! Dal and pulses provide us with vital nutrients and protein. So, by default dal goes into our daily diet. Have you ever thought that the dal or pulses you are purchasing for your family are really healthy or not? All that glitters is not gold. The same proverb is true in the case of dal also. Do you know that the dal that looks golden and attractive has actually undergone a polishing process? Attractive looking dal is not a healthy choice for your family.

is polished dal unhealthy

Facts you should know before you buy dal:

  • Even after undergoing the threshing process, pulses have their natural fibre or husk intact. When pulses undergo the polishing process, the husk gets removed to make the dal look a lot more attractive. Due to the process of polishing you are missing out on natural fibre that is essential for good health.
  • During the polishing process, colors, oils and soapstone powders are used to make the pulses look shiny and radiant. Are you aware of the fact that these polishing agents are harmful for your health? Soapstone powders are extremely harmful for the intestines. Oil polish adds unnecessary extra fat to the pulses. The water used in the polishing process is unsafe as the source is not known.
  • Certain cases have been reported where retailers sold old stock by re-polishing to make it look like new stock. You have to be wary of such retailers.

So, the question is, what can be done? How can we protect ourselves from the ill effects of polished dal? Simple! By purchasing unpolished dal!

Yes, you would have seen ads of unpolished dal on TV. Want to know about the advantages of unpolished dal? Read on!

Advantages of using unpolished dal

  • Unpolished pulses/dal are tastier when compared to their polished counterparts as the natural taste, flavour and nutrients are intact in unpolished dal.
  • You are reducing the health risks by buying unpolished dal as the pulses/dal do not contain harmful polishing agents. It is always better to buy from a reliable brand.
  • Maximum amounts of proteins are retained in unpolished dal.
  • Being low in moisture, they are faster and easier to cook.


The only drawback of unpolished pulses is that there are only a few brands that distribute unpolished pulses. This makes it a bit more expensive than polished dal. But if you look at the benefits you will choose the unpolished version of pulses. Are you planning to save a few rupees by buying polished pulses? Think again! The extra money you are shelling out for unpolished dal is like an investment in good health of your loved ones. Do not purchase dal that has been polished and when more and more consumers do so there will be a time when dal will be not be polished at all. After all they are doing this to lure consumers! Take a step towards the health of your family.

Planning to buy unpolished dal?