Is Ready-made Tomato Puree Good For You?


Is Ready-made Tomato Puree Good For You?

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Do you cook the way your grandma used to cook? Certainly not, right? It is the era of convenience cooking. Today we all want to just get into the kitchen and get out in a jiffy! After all we don’t have all the time in the world like our grandmas used to have. It is difficult for working women to spend endless hours in the kitchen. But you must agree that what we cook these days is not even a bit like the mouth-watering delicacies cooked by our grandmas! Well, that is a different story altogether. So, the point here is whether using ready-made ingredients good for us? Let us have a look at one commonly used ready-made ingredient and that is tomato puree.


Tomatoes have a number of health benefits to offer. They give a rich and wonderful taste to all kinds of gravies and are a base of several marinades and sauces. Tomato puree can always be prepared at home but people prefer using ready-made tomato puree. It is a product that is widely available in the market. But you should be aware of the fact that tomato puree is by no means a healthy alternative to fresh tomatoes. It has food additives that can have harmful effects on health. Here are some of the ingredients that are a part of the ready made puree.



Preservatives are added to almost all ready-made foods in order to increase their shelf life and to keep bacteria at bay. Preservatives added to foods can cause difficulty in breathing and are really bad for those who are already suffering from asthma. Consuming preservatives can result in behavioural changes in young children.

Fructose corn syrup

Ready-made tomato puree has high fructose corn syrup as one of the main ingredient. The syrup is a highly processed one and known to be quite an unhealthy sweetener. When you consume high fructose corn syrup on a regular basis, it increases your chances of gaining weight and become obese. The chemicals present in fructose corn syrup have an adverse effect on health. It can lead to headache, nausea, chest pain and eye irritation to name a few.


Sodium nitrite is one common ingredient that is added in order to preserve the puree. This increases the sodium content of the puree. So, consuming it in large amounts can increase your blood pressure. Sodium is also known to irritate your digestive system and you may have pain in the abdomen.


Readymade tomato puree has a sweet taste and that is because of the aspartame present in it. Artificial sweeteners are bad for health and you must be well aware about the same. There can be side-effects like indigestion, dizziness, headache and blurred vision.

Hmm, now after knowing what all is in the readymade tomato puree, you must not be in the mood to use it! Don’t worry dear busy bee. On a Sunday when you have an off, you can make tomato puree at home out of fresh tomatoes and use it as and when you like it!

Here is the recipe-

1) Dip 4 to 5 tomatoes in warm water for 5 to 7 minutes.

2) Peel off the tomatoes and chop them into slices.

3) Grind them well in the mixer, till you get your desired consistency.

4) To make the puree bright red, you can even as some beetroot 😉

5) Store the puree in the fridge as it increases its shelf life.

So eat fresh and stay healthy!

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