Is Similarity Essential In Relationships?


Is Similarity Essential In Relationships? Find out!

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Let us rewind our lives a bit! Allow your mind to go back to the first day of college. How was the feeling? Were you comfortable that day? What made you feel at ease? The most probable answer would be that you found someone almost like you and bonded well with him or her and after that your world changed completely. You started enjoying college and were able to create sweet memories. Still remember all the fun that you had with your best buddies? This is what the company of similar people does to us!

Is Similarity Essential In Relationships?

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Similarity – an important factor in relationships

We all have the tendency to move towards the alike in the majority of our relations. There is a popular notion that opposites attract, but if you look back at life, you will realize that it is not very true.

The truth is that we all are attracted towards those who are either similar to us of are like our desired self. You may wonder why it is so.

This can be because of the 3 ways you experience yourself. In any human one kind of experiencing may be dominant.

Habitual type – Habits might control us

You could be under the control of your habits whereby you are comfortable as long as your habits are your master, no matter how effective it is. To the society you may appear rigid because you avoid changes. If you are of this type, you can be labeled as the ‘habitual type’.

Wannabe type – Wish to change

You can also be a kind of person who wishes to change in spite of limited exposure, opportunities and situations. You keep working hard to get better in some way or the other and hence are labeled as the wannabe type.

Rockstar type – Totally comfortable

If you are of the rockstar type, you could possibly be completely comfortable in your shoes. This makes you casual and totally comfortable.

Now, if you are the habitual type, you will be compelled to find someone similar to you. If you are the wannabe type, you will crave for someone who is like you but in a way better. And if you happen to be the rockstar type, you can share space with anyone but enjoy the company of someone similar. In all cases, the major factor is similarity.

Many relations of our life are not chosen by us. Rather they choose us. These can include parents, brother and sisters, relatives, children, teachers and colleagues. And if you have had an arranged marriage even your spouse would not be chosen by you. When you cannot choose these essential relations by yourself, how can you make them fulfilling and remain happy? Is there a way out?

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For the answer to the above question keep watching this space!

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