Is Spicy Food Healthy or Harmful?


Is spicy food healthy or harmful?

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I am awestruck to see people down one green chilli after another. I can never do that!! But I enjoy small bits of fresh green chilli in my omelet occasionally. Whenever I go to the chaat wala, I instruct him not add chilli powder in my aloo chat 🙂 The point of discussion today is whether eating spicy food is healthy or harmful for us. Let us find out.

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Yays of Spicy Food

  1. Cardiovascular health

Chilli peppers have one main ingredient in them and that is capsaicinoid. When consuming spicy food the levels of bad cholesterol i.e. LDL decline. Capsaicinoid is the compound that suppresses the gene that causes contraction of arteries. Consuming this particular compound relaxes the blood vessels and hence improves the flow of blood. The risk of heart disease is also reduced significantly.

  1. Relief from pain

The compound Capsaicinoid has also been found to be beneficial in providing relief from chronic pain linked with arthritis and psoriasis. You must be wondering how a chilli pepper can provide relief from pain when it causes a terrible feeling of heat in the mouth when eaten 😛 But this is true.

  1. Weight loss

If you say that you can do anything to lose weight, give it a second thought. Can you eat spicy food? Then read on. Including chilli peppers in your diet can boost your metabolism and burn calories even till twenty minutes after eating it.

  1. Anti-cancer property

Many studies have shown that the capsaicin in chilli peppers slows down the growth of cancer cells, especially those that are in prostate cancer.

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Nays of Spicy Food

  1. Affects your stomach

Consuming spicy food can affect the protective layer of the stomach by weakening it. If you are already suffering from ulcers, heartburn and gastritis you should not indulge in spicy food as it would further worsen your problems.

  1. Effects on the tongue

Consuming a lot of spicy food can cause an allergic reaction called ‘geographic tongue’. It begins as strange pattern developing on the tongue along with this the sense of taste gets weakened for as long as a month. It gets alright on its own but causes a lot of discomfort. Steer clear of constantly having spicy food as it may cause the taste buds to permanently wear out due to the burning sensation.

  1. Insomnia

Now after a hard day at work, if you don’t get sound sleep, it would be highly irritating! Spicy food perks up your metabolism and increases the temperature of your body. For this reason your body won’t be able to slow down and give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Final verdict: Is spicy food healthy or harmful?

After checking the pros and cons of consuming spicy food, the only way out is to have it in moderation. Though it has a lot of benefits such as improving heart health, providing pain relief, aiding weight loss and preventing cancer it does have some downs too as it causes gastro intestinal trouble. Refrain from eating chillies if you already have trouble in your digestive tract.

Take care!

Now you know that spicy food can be both healthy and harmful!

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