Is Spinach Extract A Great Weight Loss Supplement?


Find out whether Spinach Extract Is A Great Weight Loss Supplement!

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People who want to lose weight often turn to supplements. Though weight loss pills and supplements are most often disappointing, one weight loss supplement that has recently entered the market is called spinach extract. This supplement claims that it can cause weight loss by reducing cravings and appetite.


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Spinach extract- what is it?

Spinach extract is made from spinach leaves. It is a weight loss supplement also known by the name Appethyl (trademark). Spinach extract is a green powder that can be added to smoothies or plain water. It is available in snack bars and capsules. The powder has concentrated spinach leaf thylakoids, which are found in the chloroplasts of green plant cells. Thylakoids are mainly made up of antioxidants, proteins, and chlorophyll.

spinach extract for weight loss

Though even other supplements can also be called spinach extract, let us talk about the thylakoid concentrate present in the supplement Appethyl.

How does spinach extract help in weight loss??

The thylakoids in spinach extract suppress the activity of an enzyme called lipase, which is known to digest fat. Fat digestion gets delayed and this increases the levels of hormones that reduce appetite. The levels of the hunger hormone also get reduced. This makes people eat less.

Unlike orlistat and other weight loss drugs, thylakoids delay fat digestion only temporarily and do not prevent it totally. So, spinach extract does not have unpleasant side effects such as stomach cramps and fatty stools that are present in other drugs that inhibit lipase.

Does Spinach Extract Help in weight loss?

How to lose weight

Animal studies show that by consuming spinach extract, body fat and weight can be reduced. Human studies in overweight adults shows that the extract reduces appetite and by suppression of appetite, spinach extract might lead to weight loss when consumed regularly over a period of a few months.

In a study of overweight women, it was found that those who ate 5 g of spinach extracts each day had 43 percent of greater weight loss when compared to the group that was given a placebo. During the study BMI (body mass index), fat mass as well as lean mass decreased.

However, it should be noted that the studies have financial ties with the company that have developed the supplement. So, there is a need of further evidence from an independent research group.

Does spinach extract fight cravings?

Spinach extract temporarily reduces cravings by suppressing the food reward system of the brain. When your cravings get reduced, it will contribute to weight loss.

Does it have any side effects?

Spinach extract does not have any serious side effects. In healthy individuals, it may temporarily reduce the levels of insulin and increase blood sugar. But these affects are not long term. Further studies are needed to verify the safety of this extract for patients having type 2 diabetes.

Should you go ahead with spinach extract?

Delaying the digestion of fat temporarily reduces appetite and cravings. This can lead to loss of weight. Though it sounds promising, further independent studies are needed to make sure if it really is effective as most studies are financially linked to the company that makes this supplement. You need to remember one thing- spinach extract will not work miracles unless you adopt a healthy lifestyle to lose weight.

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