Is The Holy Water Of Ganga Medicinal Too?


Is The Holy Water Of Ganga Medicinal Too?

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Ganga-the sacred river is worshipped every day. It is a part of our cultural heritage. The river is the third largest when talking of discharge; it empties in the end into the Bay of Bengal.

Did you ever get the opportunity to visit the holy river? It is said that the water has some amazing properties that are beneficial for us. Do you know that what we have been believing all this while is now going to be studied in depth by science experts? Come on have a look!!!

Is The Holy Water Of Ganga Medicinal Too

Recently the health ministry has stated that it wants to begin a study to find out if there are medicinal properties in water of river Ganga that can destroy different kinds of bacteria and microbes. Being one of its kind, this research will also check if the sacred water of river Ganga can be used for holistic healing.

Today’s world is full of new and powerful microbes that have become resistant to powerful drugs. This study would be helpful in examining and exploring the unique properties of the water of river Ganga. It is believed that the water can not alone cleanse itself by destroying the microbes and germs in it, but can also purify the water. The study is definitely worth conducting.

The Government has directed that Ganga should not only be cleaned but also be rejuvenated. It is being said that through the study, valuable scientific evidence that will be generated as a result of the in-depth research and will help in understanding the medicinal properties of the water of Ganga. It has been highlighted that despite the fact that crores of people take a dip in the river each year, there has been no pandemic or epidemic. This points to that fact that it has some self-purifying power that prevents the quality of water from getting deteriorated. The study will be helpful in using the water of river Ganga for the good health and welfare of mankind.

The Government has extended financial help and top researchers from renowned institutions in India like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Banaras Hindu University (BHU), IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, National Botanical Research Institute and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI).

Maybe the study reveals some really path-breaking results that can help medical science. It would be awesome if the water can fight disease causing microbes. So, let us wait and watch what the study reveals.

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