Is Too Much Of Fruit Bad For Health?


Is Too Much Of Fruit Bad For Health? Find Out!

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Excess of everything is bad. It may sound clichéd but you cannot deny the fact that it is true. Excess of TV watching, eating way too many chocolates and things like that have always been heard and all of us have been reprimanded for it in our childhood. However, is excess of fruit consumption bad too? Let’s find out!

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Is Too Much Of Fruit Bad For Health?

You will be surprised to know that no matter how healthy a food is, going overboard with it is not a smart thing to do. Certain fruits, when overeaten can be dangerous!

Signs of excess consumption of fruit

The signs of excessive fruit consumption include abdominal discomfort, diarrhea and also blockage of the digestive tract. If you are getting bloated, it clearly means that you need to cut down on your fruit intake.

Fruits to watch out for!

1) Bananas

Bananas are an excellent source of essential nutrients and that includes potassium. However, excessive intake of this mineral can cause a condition called hyperkalemia. The common consequence of this condition includes heart, muscle and nerve problems. People have had permanent nerve damage due to this condition. So, eat bananas but stay away from an all banana diet that some people advocate.

2) Oranges

Oranges are healthy and tasty. Also there is a reason why they are called immune strengthening. It is because of the rich vitamin C in it. Oranges are also a great source of fibre. But the only hitch is that they are highly acidic and going overboard with them can lead to acid reflux.

If you already suffer from acid reflux, it is better to stay away from this fruit.

3) Tomatoes

Tomatoes don’t just offer colour and flavour to your food but also have numerous health benefits. The compound ‘lycopene’ is the one that gives tomato a bright red colour. However, when consumed in excess, lycopene is known to slow down the activity of the immune system and make it more likely for you to land up with a bacterial or viral infection.

4) Litchis

There are a lot of health benefits of eating litchi. However, they have high levels of certain naturally occurring toxins. When consumed in excess, they can affect the body’s glucose synthesizing ability and lead to really low levels of blood sugar.

5) Carrots

Carrots are said to be loaded with nutrients and is extremely beneficial for health. They have a high amount of beta-carotene. In moderate amounts, it is beneficial for vision, general health and immunity.

However, excess of carotene can lead to discolouration of the skin making it orangish. This condition is called carotenemia.

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How much fruit to consume in a day?

Stick to a maximum of 3 servings a day. Include all food groups in your diet to get all the nutrients you need. Just eating fruits is not a good idea. So use common sense and exercise moderation. Don’t go overboard with fruits!

Hope you found this post – ‘Is Too Much Of Fruit Bad For Health’ useful!

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