Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain?

Brain damaging diet


Brain diet

Our brain is the powerhouse of our body. All our actions are controlled by our brain, ranging from even the slightest task of blinking the eye to standing up from a chair. The brain gets energy from the food we consume. The best functions are performed when nutritious diet is consumed and it is very necessary to consume a balanced diet in order for proper functioning of the body. Food is one of the most influential items that contribute to wellness. It’s not that the food only has positive impact but has negative aspects too. Too much of junk can always have a bad impact on the brain.

Let’s see how our diet is damaging our brain!

Brain damaging diet

Here is a list of the few food items that have a damaging effect on the functioning of the brain….

Sugary Drinks

High consumption of beverages such as aerated drinks, soda , sports drinks, etc. no doubt increases our waistline but also has a long term risk of diabetes and heart risk along with brain damage. Excess intake of sugary drinks leads to high blood pressure, high fat levels and even metabolic syndrome.

Refined Carbs

refined carbs

Refined carbohydrates comprise of items such as high processed grains such as white flour. When consumed in larger quantities they lead to diseases like high Glycemic levels and also memory impairment issues in some cases.

Inflammation is the high risk factor for brain diseases as it is observed under a general study that people whose refined carb consumption is higher are more prone to mental impairment diseases and chances of dementia.

Highly Processed Food

Nowadays it is observed that the young generation is becoming couch potato and they are usually seen sitting in front of the TV screens munching on packets of chips. Well, that is the main constituent of high processed food; chips, sweets, instant noodles, store bought sauces and frozen food. These food products have a higher fat content and lower or almost nil nutrient content.

A study evidently shows us that high consumption of these processed foods causes metabolism issues along with hampering of substance known as brain derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF, so should be avoided and more fresh fruits, nuts, seeds must be included in the diet.


Brain damaging dietIf the quantity consumed is controllable and occasional then consumption of alcohol is not harmful but if it is otherwise then it has serious impacts on the brain. High consumption of alcohol slows down the functioning of the brain and disturbs the sleep pattern causing sleep deprivation. The high risk group includes teenagers, young adults and pregnant women specifically.


Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which is used in most of the sugar free products. Usually people consume sugar free products when they are thinking of good health but the fact is that consumption of aspartame cancels out all the efforts made by the individual. This artificial sweetener causes behavioral and cognitive problems. Made of phenylalanine, methanol, and aspartic acid, is the cause of higher rate of depression with continued usage of this is done. However, it is advised that Aspartame consumption should be under prescribed guidelines only so as to lessen the harm.

My Take :

It is not that the food always helps in building up of the brain cells, it can cause damage too. Some examples of the brain damaging food have been mentioned above yet the list does not end here. Thus the only way to keep yourself away from brain damaging diet is to be mindful and careful about what you are eating and maintaining a brain healthy lifestyle.

So think carefully, Is Your Diet Damaging Your Brain?

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