IWB 1 month 4 kgs weight loss diet plan day 2 day 3


IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss

Diet Plan:

Day 2 and Day 3


Here goes the Diet plan for Day 2 and Day 3 in advance.

IWB 1 month 4 kgs weight loss diet plan day 2 day 3

IWB 1 month 4 kgs weight loss diet plan day 2 day 3

Tuesday/ Day 2 Wednesday/ Day 3
7:30 AM 2 glasses of Methi Seeds water + 4 walnuts. Soak 1tsp methi seeds overnight Half lemon in 1 glass luke warm water + 10 almonds
8:30 AM 3 Egg Whites 3 Egg Whites
8:30 AM 1 small plate Plate poha with lots of veggies 1 small plate sooji upma
9:30 AM Tea/Coffee without sugar Tea/Coffee without sugar
11:30 AM Pear Orange
1:00 PM 1 plate of salad + 1 bran chapatti + 1 bowl of paneer bhurji + 1 bowl of Daal + 1 cup curd 1 plate of salad + 1 wheat chapatti +1 bowl of veggie + 1 bowl of Daal + 1 cup curd
4:00 PM Tea/Coffee without sugar + 1 piece dhokla Tea/Coffee without sugar + 1 cup boiled black chana
6:00 PM Sprouts Steamed/Boiled Corn
8:00 PM 1 plate of green salad 1 plate of green salad
8:30 PM Moong Daal Khichdi + 1 cup veggies + 1 cup curd Half cup Brown rice + 1 cup veggies +1 cup curd
10:00 PM IF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar IF hungry, 1 cup warm skimmed milk without sugar

For preparing Moog Daal Khichdi, count 20 grains of rice! The rice is just to make you feel that you are eating khichdi and not daal itself 😛

Non-vegetarian folks can have grilled chicken with a half a cup of brown rice for Dinner.

Now your doubts! The working ladies can easily follow this plan.  You can have methi seeds water or lemon water as soon as you get up. Give a break of half an hour. Then you can have eggs and breakfast together. Similarly, salad and meal also can be consumed in one go. Makes sense 🙂 ?

Pre work out meal – If you are following Rahul’s first day workout plan given here, have a whole wheat bread egg/veg sandwich 45-55 minutes before workout.

Post work out meal – Have buttermilk to give you instant boost of energy.

Questions ? Please scream !

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  1. Wah! Thanks Tarun. I am following 70% of this food style.. gotta tighten up more.
    My only confusion is in the morning. everything gets hotch potch.. lemon honey water, 30 min gap n den fruits(generally banana) n den 20 min later exercise/treadmill n den half an hour later breakfast. confused as to wen do I have buttermilk.. bcz breakfast will have milk. Main kya karuuuuuuuuuuuu (Barfi style)

  2. Hi tarun..wanna ask smthing..i work in a bank and the lunch time is on 2:30 pm
    I cant eat in between ..also i m vegeterian..cant take eggs..now suggest me smthing that is according to my schedule

  3. Shradha, sing for me in that style , then il tell you, lol 😛
    no need for buttermilk after workout, you can have breakfast.

  4. can you have fruits n nuts in between ? For vegetarians, protein supplements are must. Even if you eat a lot of channa, paneer, soy etc, you would fall short from daily required protein 🙁

  5. Thanks Tarun. even i am a vegeterian and control my diet well. make sure to eat paneer and channa also. but I have severe the worst hari fall for the last two weeks.

  6. followed day one meal plan yesterday.. & it was great.. have not done workout except basic stretching as i came home very late.. Christmas Shopping.. 🙁


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