IWB Turns One Today


IWB Turns One Today !!

happy birthday IWB

18th July 2013

This was the day that changed my life forever ! I have tasted success in my professional and personal life numerous times but nothing is so special for me like this day.

IWB Turns One Today – the thought sends me shivers and here I recall how it all happened.

I had never imagined myself to be a blogger. I was hunting for a job after MBA in 2013. I was depressed of sitting idle and one fine day I just hit upon WiseShe. I had all the time in the world and I read every post Anamika had written. I felt an instant connection and wrote her an email. In a few days, I started writing for WS. This was my Karma, my destiny. How on earth would I, who s*** at makeup be a writer on a makeup blog ?

In a few days, I took a chance and asked Anamika if she was on whatsapp. Honestly, I have a big nosey problem(esteem issues 😛 ). I thought if I ask her number and she says Noooo , I will probably never talk to her again. Luckily, she gave me her number. My Karma again !

We started chatting on whatsapp and one thing led to another and one day I blurted to her – We should start a weight loss blog. Anamika was struggling to lose her post pregnancy weight and I was struggling with my ever increasing weight(just like inflation). N God knows how everything clicked and on 18th July 2013, IWB was up and running !

There is a different version of this story as well which no one knows, not even Anamika! Some of the people who know me in and out, have tricked me a lot of times to accept that I planned IWB , the day I landed on WiseShe. Not true though ! I just accepted WiseShe as a part of my life and tried to add a little value to it in my way. But people close to you can’t be totally wrong 😛 . When I pitched the idea of  IWB to Anamika, I had done my homework. I exactly knew the niche, knew the competitors…  in short, all number crunching was done. On top of that, I had a presentation ready just in case she said No( I can’t take No for an answer, sigh). So today I confessed ! By the way, I did analyse Anamika’s personality as well and may be I dug all her posts just to know more about her. After all, its important to know whether we both would be able to bear each other for a long term or not 😛

I know I am insane and I felt Anamika is not too sane either 😛 . The past one year just flew away ! I never thought IWB will grow leaps and bounds in just an year. I am a big fan of Steve jobs and have always trusted my gut more than anything or anyone.

Its my Karma to be associated with IWB and so many amaaahzing people around !

iwb birthday

There are a lot of people who have worked day and night to make IWB , what it is today ! Anamika, is the rockstar behind IWB. I was a naive to blogging and she, a Pro! Can’t thank her because IWB belongs to her. One person who has stood with us in thick and thin is Kapil. I always tell Anamika that she is lucky to have a hubby like him 😛 . Kapil, thanks for everything !

IWB Family

Its One big happy family, I could have never asked for more ! For those who don’t know – Kanan and Vinita work full time for IWB. There isn’t a single day when we don’t communicate. I can’t imagine IWB without them ! I have met some beautiful people through IWB – Dr.Sahiba and Vrinda, love you both <3 ! There are a lot of new writers who have given a new spark to IWB , thanks everyone 🙂 . I wish that we have more fun in the coming year !

IWB Readers

Thanks for all your love. We have some fantastic readers who not only appreciate writers but also participate by sharing their experiences. I won’t mention names here but I do await them if they are missing someday. As soon as I see them around – my comment is – Long time, no see … without realizing that it was just one day when they were not around ! Hugs !

May we all have a blissful year ahead. Happy Birthday IWB  ! Keep growing Amen 🙂

Loads of Love


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