IWB Weight Loss Challenge – Coming Up

Weight Loss Challenge - 4 kgs 4 weeks

IWB Weight Loss Challenge – Coming Up

Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ladies 😀

This bigger salutation is a clear indication of my excitement. We are going to start the Weight Loss Challenge on Monday, yaaaaaayy :). Thank you everyone for your support.

IWB Weight Loss Challenge - Coming

Let’s understand how the challenge is going to be! I wish to make this 1-month journey worth all your efforts. If you feel more improvements can be done, please scream 🙂

IWB will share –

  • Grocery shopping list and a few supplements that you might need to buy for the coming week.
  • Workout plan for the week. N here’s the big thing. We will have a fitness freak to help you achieve a svelte figure , oooh la la  😉 . Stay tuned !
  • Diet plan every day or every alternate day
  • General instructions before start of this IWB challenge
  • Regular update’s about my progress
  • Majority of the recipes included in diet chart
  • Regular Motivation posts

Now some rules hmmmmm 😛

1. Start on Tuesday or Wednesday so that by Monday, you are all set. By Monday, you would know what to do, how to do – step by step.

2. Finish grocery shopping over the weekend so that you have enough time to go through recipes, plan your meals and workout.

3. Throw all the junk that you have in your kitchen or hidden in cabinets, under your mattress or bed or pillows :P. I will go in depth what things you should dispose and what you items you need to bring in your meals.

4. Postpone all your Pizza parties or Friday parties or Weekend excuses to eat. I understand that its human to cheat once a week. ONCE in a week, please note. If its an important occasion , please go ahead and enjoy. But your movie popcorn and Friday Pizza’s can certainly wait for a slimmer you 🙂

5. If you need the personal attention of the IWB team, comment on the diet and fitness posts or whenever and wherever you have doubts, we will guide you. For example – mention what you ate during the day with timings. Keep it short and simple. If there is a scope of improvement, we will guide you 🙂

6. Lastly, stick to the diet and workout as closely as possible.

Questions ? Suggestions ? Scream 🙂 !




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