IWB Weight Loss Challenge – Meet Our Fitness Expert


IWB Weight Loss Challenge;

Meet Our Fitness Expert

I know I know! Everyone is waiting for the IWB Weight Loss Challenge! The wait is over girls :)!

I feel elated in introducing you to our Fitness Expert onboard – Rahul Deb :).

IWB Weight Loss Challenge - Meet Our Fitness Expert

Rahul is as passionate about Health n Fitness as any other guy or girl should be… may be much more ! When I asked him to send his best pictures, every picture that he sent ,was clicked in the gym. Appreciate it, Rahul !

Hope you have a great time here Rahul !


Over to Rahul

Who is this guy and what is he doing in a women’s blog ?

Are you thinking this?  I will for sure answer these questions but before I do that, let me ask you the same question. Your answer for sure is because you want to be fit, look fit and good.

Let me take a few examples of people from the glamor industry that people call good looking.

  IWB Weight Loss Challenge - Meet Our Fitness Expert

Kareena Kapoor, one of my favorite actresses (with her zero figure avatar) and Hasleen kaur (winner of Pantaloons Femina miss India earth 2011 title). Do you wish to look like them?  Well think again !

Now let me show you someone else

IWB Weight Loss Challenge Fitness Expert

Her name is Eva Andressa.  She is a Brazilian fitness model.

After seeing her, do you still want to look like Kareena and Hasleen?

If you ask me, as a guy, if it is only about looks, Eva looks way more hot and fit compared to both Kareena and Hasleen. Both Kareena and Hasleen in this picture look more like undernourished children (kuposhan bharat chhodo :P)!

If you think it is only my opinion, try asking your male friends. So you see, losing weight and looking good don’t always go hand in hand.

If you want to have a body like that of Eva (that kind of sculpted legs and glutes along with a flat stomach), you need to know that is it not as simple as losing weight by running.

Running every day for 45 minutes will burn you some 300 calories and this way you will be able to bit fit in next 20 days.

If you think it is as easy as that, you are wrong. Human body is too complex for such straight forward calculations.

How Do I know about all these and most importantly how do I know about Eva Andressa 😛 ?

By Profession, I work for a semiconductor company (sounds boring eh? 🙂 But apart from work all I am interested in is Fitness.

I have been training for over a year, and my way of doing things is a bit different. I just don’t go to the gym, lift weights or run on the treadmill, listen to the trainer there, do whatever he says and then come back and forget everything.

I am from a field of research and proofs. I always seek for reasons and ask “why” and if I am not satisfied with the answers, I spend all my time researching till I find a satisfactory answer. This way I have been able to gain pretty decent amount of knowledge so far in this domain

I keep myself updated with the latest findings in this area as how I would do for my own job.

Different goals, Different paths

What every one of us needs to know is that we have

  1. Different body types
  2. Different strengths and weaknesses
  3. Different fitness goals
    1. Improving Endurance and stamina
    2. Muscle toning
    3. Fat loss

So all these different factors need different workout plans.  It may include lifting moderate to heavy weights. So far you may have known, if girls lift heavy they get big like guys. Think again!! Look at the pic below.

 indian weight loss blog fitness

 This is the one example. There are many other misconceptions among people (mostly girls).

I see most trainers make almost all the girls do same exercise every time no matter what their fitness goals are, no matter what their body type are. All I hear is

1. Run on the tread mill for 30 minutes,

2. 15 Minutes on the elliptical,

3. 15 minutes on the bicycle and

2. Do 200 crunches.

 By the time she is over with it, it is already one and a half hour, she is over trained and frustrated and after repeating this trend for a month she starts to hate the gym and gives up.

Too much cardio eats up your muscle along with fat and trust me you look awful that way.

Crunches are to tone your midsection. Not to burn belly fat.

According to a study it will take you to do 250,000 crunches to burn half a pound of fat. That is 100 crunches every day for 7 years.

There are workouts and techniques based on simple human body science that will make your job done in half the amount of time (smartwork vs. hardwork). Plus there is so much variety that you will enjoy working out.

I applied these techniques myself and was able to shed 5 % of body fat only in a month.

Sharing the Knowledge

I am here to share my knowledge with you all. I have helped few of my friends already with the ideas and time and again they trust and consult me for the same. One of them is a regular visitor here and she suggested me to do this

I hope you liked what I shared with you all today. Shortly this post will follow with a workout plan so that you can see the results for yourself. Below is a picture of me for you to have an idea of what results I have got so far.

IWB Fitness Instructor Rahul

Learning never stops and I am still learning. Let us learn together 🙂

The IWB Weight Loss Challenge fever has just begun. Stay tuned!