IWB Weight Loss Program-Borderline Diabetic To Healthy Again

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IWB Weight Loss Program-Borderline Diabetic To Healthy Again

By Himani Kaushik Tandon

Hey everyone!!! You might know me from the sister beauty blog wiseshe.com. Today I am going to share my experience with the IWB weight loss program. However, interestingly I did not join the program to lose weight and thus, my experience is just not related to weight loss. Keep reading to find out my story.

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

I have never been super thin in my entire life. I am a woman with curves and chubby cheeks and very proud of that. It has more to do with my body structure and the Punjabi upbringing, which made paranthas and ghee an important part of the daily diet. And, honestly I never intended to go against it either. I do not have sweet tooth at all. Finishing even one ladoo is an uphill task for me. So, worrying about gaining weight because of cakes and pastries was never on my radar. And so was the notion of having high sugar levels. However, it did happen. I was caught off-guard and completely by surprise, when my physician told me I had high levels of sugar and was a border-line case. My immediate reaction was – ” But, I don’t eat sweets at all!!!”. She calmly replied – ” CARBS!!!”. And, my entire life came back to me in an instant. My meal is incomplete without a chapati, no matter what happens. Bread, pasta, pizza, croissant and parantha are essential to my daily diet. No wonder, I was in this situation. I was lucky enough to have help at hand. Without wasting even a single day, I contacted Tarun preet and briefed about my situation. After a small email conversation, I decided to join the IWB Weight loss program, which is essentially a low carb diet, something which I was in dire need of. What makes this program very different from the lot is the active consultation you get from team. They just don’t make a personalized plan and then, forget about you. There is a constant ‘surveillance’ on you, which ensures you follow the plan to the T. There were days when I would act negligent, but was always put right on the track by the team.

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I followed the plan for a month completely. The diet plan is easy to follow and you need not worry about adjusting to the changed food. My body didn’t show much carb withdrawal and I was able to complete the diet successfully. Of course, the plan helped me lose quite a few inches, but the most important reward was my improved health. My sugar levels were in control and I felt healthy. Though I did return to my normal diet, but the low carb diet had changed my lifestyle completely. I am more focused on eating healthy and conscious of the carb intake.

So, even if you feel you need not lose weight, I recommend this diet to everyone who is in search of a balanced lifestyle and a healthy body.

If you too wish to join the weight loss program, please send an email to fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com

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